Lace is so Ubiquitous Now...

its no longer just for formal events... it's worn for various occasions, day, night, cocktail, office and casually. Take a lace sheath dress and its every woman's must have, its versatile, chic, flattering, exudes femininity and so ladylike.

Wanting to be a part of the masses, I had to have a lace dress and in comes Butterick 5672.  It's a close-fitting lined dress with left pleats, invisible zipper and with sleeves or sleeveless options.  However, instead of using the actual dress pattern pieces, I use the lining pieces (noted here), which consist of the front & back bodice, front skirt which I traced off  for the back as well.  The lining pieces have become a tnt, (made here, here & here)  the fit is right on point, the bust, waist and back darts afford me shaping.  In addition, I included neckline darts as well and love that I can just whip it out and make a dress without worrying about fitting issues.

Despite the pattern fabric suggestion calling for a moderate stretch knit, I proceeded with lace and to play it safe I added a 1/2" to the seams.   The lace fabric was a gift from my dear friend Alethia a few years ago.  At the time I received the fabric, I remember being gun-ho about making a lace dress, but just never got around to it.  As mentioned earlier with lace dresses cropping up everywhere I knew the time was now.
  Thank You Alethia!!!

The shell of the dress went together effortlessly, I serged the seams

For the back bodice, I used a black stretch polyester and an exposed zipper using Colleen's technique.

For the lining I used a lt. grey lightweight knit.

I serged the lining to the neckline and followed up with a final stitch.  Hand stitched the lining to the zipper tape.  After another try on I realized that I'd forgotten to trim the bulk from the darts using Colleen's technique.

During the cutting process, I decided that I would use the selvidge edge for the skirt hem, which did not require any hemming... yeah !!!

Did a basic hem for the lining, just serged and folded to the inside and followed with a final stitch.  For the armholes, I basted the lace and lining together, serged and flipped to the inside and final stitched.

Can I tell you......... this dress is my lace dream.. simple, perfect and paired with Sheilaz Scissorhands haircut.. priceless.....

I can rock it day or night, for cocktails and casually with a jean jacket & sandals.

Of course, this is the office ensemble with a cream/beige snake print blazer... eclectic anyone.

After this... I think one more is needed... and I have the perfect coral lace...

Until then...

Have a Great Week.


Refashioning for an Event

This past weekend I attended an Awesome Birthday Bash, man-o-man, they went all out with the celebration.   Beautiful venue, limos, good music, drinks, soul food that had one smacking their lips,  we also received t-shirts and dvds.  It was such a pleasure to see friends that I hadn't seen in several years.  More enjoyable was seeing their once young kids now young adults 20-25.  I was totally blown away, the last time I saw some of the youngsters, they were between 8 and 11 y.o.  Just wow.  

Taking some time from marveling at the years that had gone by and how our kids have grown, I enjoyed talking to the parents... as we like to call them the wise ones.  Trying to catch up on what they are doing in their retirement years and so on.

Oh and the DJ... was phenomenal, he didn't just favor the youngsters, he took the music from contemporary, rap, hip hop, oldies, but goodies and slow jams.  The dance floor stayed crowded and thankful for the lighting, because they had flat screens mounted on the walls in the dinning area, for those who just wanted to groove from their seats, and yet see how others were cutting up on the dance floor.  Man-o-man, talk about funny... and you know a party ain't a party unless the electric slide is played... even the elderly were shaking what their mommas gave them...lol

Ok on to my refashion.  Initially, I had planned on sewing a dress, but catching a bad case of the flu caused my sewing mojo to take flight.  Instead I spent my sick days playing russian roulette with my patterns...lol.  Even my guy was a bit alarmed that it was just a mere 4 days before the event and I hadn't stitched a thing.. nada. Finally, I put my azz in gear and decided that I would choose something from my closet.  I have made so many dresses for work and prior events that I knew I couldn't go wrong there.

The event called for black/white attire and luckily I had 4 black dresses to choose from.  After a bit of auditioning and prancing, I settled on my black faux leather dress which I made in 2012 .  

Although its only been two years since I made it and worn only once a month during the fall/winter seasons, I felt it was time for a refashion. So strategic planning on refashion was in order, first order of business was to eliminate the matrix look.  I shortened the sleeves and started 1/4" from the waist seams and grading out gradually from 1/2" to 1-1/2" removing the severe a-line from the skirt.  Also changed up the belt.  Once that was done I felt the pumps that I'd recently purchased at DSW wasn't going to up the sexy factor and went in search for more shoes.

well.... welll... I  lucked up on a pair of Diba Dianna Gladiator Pumps @ DSW.. sizzling sexy sick I tell ya.

Bye Bye Matrix

Helllloooo... simple, but sexy cool.

I scored again when I made a pit stop in Dots to check out their going-out-of-business sale and purchased several pretty pieces of custom jewelry at 40% off.

To finish off my look, I made a clutch from a $1.99 placemat following a diy.

Got to the event and was wow'd over the amount of people and true to form my sister was working the dance floor already (she is a die hard party animal).  I tapped her on her shoulder and she pulled me to the side and said thank goodness you didn't dress like you were going to work.... 0_o.  Now get your azz on the dance floor because I want to see those pumps in action before I buy me a pair....holla.  

My guy laughed at her, telling my sister, yeah your big sis doesn't dance like she used to.... I got to see this.  Well I worked those pumps for 5 hrs straight.   I refused to be part of the masses walking around with their shoes in their hands ... no no and no.... I was a trooper til the end.

We had a total Blast.... 
I must say a few of us left twisted in the wind, after having a ball.

until the next time...

 Have a Great week.


New Look 6697

New Look 6697 is an oldie but goodie dress pattern, which I first made back in 2008 and since that time have made several more.

 The pattern is a pull-over knit mock wrap dress with various options.

A woman can never have too many dresses and couldn't resist working up this taupe brushed knit fabric from Sav-a-thon Fabrics.  My latest version differs a little from my previous ones in that I went a lil longer with the skirt hem.  At 5'3", I must tread carefully with the midi length I can easily topple at the frumpy level.  However to thwart that I made sure to wear a higher heel.

This dress was paired with a Loft polka-dot burgundy blazer and 9West suede laser cut peep-toe.

For this knit in a pseudo chevron print, I again went with a longer skirt hem.  I really love wearing this dress, which I have worn twice since making it a month ago.  The horizontal print is funky fun and can be toned down with a blazer (Chadwick).  Again, I made sure to wear high heels and since the dress is full of funky fun colors, made sure my heels were neutral.

Particulars:  This dress is an easy sew, but then again I have made it a half-dozen times, so I guess it would be....lol.  The instructions are clear and concise, However, after making it several times, my construction has changed over the years.  The pattern calls for assembling the bodice first, then proceeding on with constructing the skirt. Thereafter pinning completed bodice to skirt.   However, I prefer to attach the front bodice to the front skirt and repeat same for the back and finishing with the side seams.   It just makes my life easier.  

Another change from the instructions is it calls for an elastic waistband, instead, I used 3/4" flexi lace hem tape or hem tape to create a casing 

... insert 1/2" elastic at the back only, try-on and adjust gathering, and 

sew down elastic & casing ends at side seams.

The brushed knit dress is unlined and wore a full slip, however for the pseudo chevron dress, I opted to line it.  

The instructions also calls for using facing... my take on it is... humbug... I hate facings for my knit dresses.  If its not being lined I serge 1/4" clear elastic along the neckline and then fold to the inside and final stitch. I didn't go with the pleated short sleeve and instead traced off the long sleeve for Version A and shortened.

More construction pics...

This is a simple faux wrap dress that works well for my work wardrobe.  If one is looking for a simple dress and want to showcase fabulous fabric... try NL 6697.  Also, if you are looking for more info on how to wear a midi dress, check out this link: How to Wear a Midi Dress.

Until then ... have a Great Week.


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