Cape Crusader w/ New Look 6756

It took me some time to join the ranks of caped crusader.  I was ambivalent about it, being that I never really grasped the whole cape/poncho concept.  Moreover, I was at a total loss as to how to rock a cape and thinking back now it was the thought of looking like a grown-up in a swaddle blanket.

Actually back in 2007, I made a Knit Capelet and once it was completed, I was like oh boy here goes the swaddle blanket feeling again.  Honestly, the knitted capelet was all about the knitting and cabling being that it was my first or second year learning how to knit.  That capelet was given to my niece who loved it.

Now fast forward to 2014 and for the last 2 years, capes have made a big presence.  I think what finally turned me into a caped crusader is seeing how the style/fashion magazines have featured them as fashionable accessories.  Showing how to and what to wear with them.

In comes New Look 6756: double-breasted cape featuring shoulder epaulets, with or without a collar, arm openings and buttons.  

I made version B.

Over the last few years I have acquired a lil collection of home dec fabrics that I'd purchased from Fulton Fabrics. Selected a psuedo-boucle fabric in a deep apricot and cream from my stash.  This fabric turned into a soft dream after it was washed.

First and foremost this garment is a fabric hog. For a medium it calls for 3-1/2 yds.  From my perspective, there is really no way to gauge fit, but in eyeballing the front side & back side pattern pieces, it was clear that they were akin to the wings of a 747. From that, I removed an 1" from the front side & back side pattern pieces.

Construction for the most part was easy, and after serging the panels together, the tedious part occurred when I decided to topstitch the seams and then construct the lining.  Please note, make sure to check the arm opening length.  I found that it was not long enough and increased it.

 I used a red stretch woven for the lining and ended up not having enough for the front panels (and no way to get more, the fabric was purchased in Atlanta 2 years ago) and had to use another fabric which was a knit and as close in color as I was going to get.

I was inspired by this cape with the zipper detail @ the Etsy Blog and...

incorporated that detail in my cape and was lucky enough to have zippers that closely matched the fabric.

Now what dragged this project on was the closures.  I was so indecisive about what to use.  In the above pic, I had gold clasps, but decided they were too small, then... buttons... nope

also black toggles, but only had two.  So I decided to make my own and made a pit stop at Sav-a-thon and luckily they were selling real leather scrap pieces and purchased them, as well as cotton cording. The toggles were purchased at JoAnns, and they were just what I was looking for.

Used the existing black toggles as a template to cut the patches and length of cording and used a permanent sharpie in Tan to color the cording. At the neckline of the cape I have  fabric covered snaps.

Finally, feeling all trendy without looking like I am wearing a swaddle blanket.

Love the zipper detail at the arm opening.

You know I had to rock a color coordinated hat, that I purchased from a street vendor... priceless at just $3.00

Feeling like a true caped crusader.

Check out other cape options:


Friday Refashion

TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.  OMG... this week has been so taxing on me.  Our office has been in the process of a big renovation, which is nearing the end.  However, there are boxes, furniture, tools, etc. all over.  Then there is the spackling, sanding, sawing, drilling & hammering... I think I have developed a nervous condition over the last 2 months.

Today was the last day to have all our personal items packed and ready to be moved by the guys to our newly renovated spot.  Well I am ready!  I already told them if they can't move all my boxes by monday make sure to move the 4 boxes marked shoes and the one marked handbags, I can work around not having the other items....lol

Of course, over the last few days everyone is rocking casual, sneakers, t-shirts... you get my drift.  That is all fine and dandy, but I am really not a sneaker/t-shirt gal, unless it's the weekend.  As usual, in the process of preparing my clothes for work, I remembered a cardigan I'd purchased some time ago.  I really didn't care for the 3/4" sleeves and it was a tad too long for my torso.

Cut  the sleeves off at the armholes, serged, then folded to the inside and final stitched.  I set my stitch length at 2.8 to prevent any puckering of the armhole.  I cut the rib band from the bottom of the sweater and removed 1" and reattached the rib band.   Presto... a refashioned loft cardi vest paired with old $10 jeans and an old NY&Co black button up.

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend.


RTW Monday

Happy Monday all and hoping everyone had a great weekend.  I am sure some of you have the day off for Columbus Day... you're so lucky. Today would be a great day to hunker down and sew or just down right kick back.

With Fall in full effect and waking up to 55 degree temps.  It's time to rock sweaters and thought I share one of my favorite sweaters that I'd purchased at the Loft a year or so ago... Moto style inspired Textured Asymmetrical Zip Sweater.

With today feeling like a causal Friday, this sweater is perfect paired with b/w mini-houndtooth slacks.

The style of this sweater is on trend, fashion forward & comfortable.

and wore teal suede shoes from Payless.

If you are looking for a moto inspired jacket, check out the links below.

Until then,
Have a Great Week


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