OOTD - No longer just a school uniform

Hello All and Happy Wednesday. Hoping everyone's week is sailing along smoothly, despite the heat & humidity.

Today I am  sharing another make of Eryn's Box Pleated Skirt, I made several weeks ago. I wore it once and was traumatized... the jacket I paired with it was all wrong.... it was one of those days wherein I just felt so not put together... it was just horribly wrong.

 Fast forward and in the mood for an ol' school charm look and pulled out the skirt.   However, this time I was not messing around with a blazer.   I decided a refashioned cardigan was in order.

For the skirt fabric,  I used a drapery window fabric from Fulton Fabrics.  Love the pattern repeat and thought it was perfect for another box pleated skirt.  It has that stiffness without being too stiff and knew it would be perfect for pleats.

I had to serge the 2-1/2 yds of fabric after it was washed, dried & ironed.  The fabric was fraying like crazy.

Thereafter, pleating went together quickly, checked fit and popped in a zipper.  However, the tedious part was edge stitching each pleat. But so worth it, and ensures that each pleat retains its crisp edge.  The skirt hem was fused with heat n'bond.

As I'd mention it was time for a refashion and knew a cardigan would work.  Luckily, this old loft pima cotton cardi didn't have to  be shortened length wise.   However, I needed to shorten the sleeves from 3/4 to short sleeves and also fuse the button band and stitch.  I first learned of this refashion method via The Renegade Seamstress and have added my own lil twist to refashioning cardigans.

I measured from the bottom armhole seam and cut 3" from there.  Scavengered the ribbed band by cutting 1" above the ribbed edge for seam allowance.

(Sorry no pic) proceeded with attaching ribbed band to sleeve and serged.

To refashion it further, making it a pullover to avoid the gaping that occurs with buttoned cardigans.  Yes, buying a bigger size would minimize that issue, but then I run the risk of it being too long.    So I fused the button band with steam a seam, final stitched and ironed ...donedotcom.

End result, simply comfortable for the heat & humidity with an ol' school charm look.  My daughter called me a school marm... whateva... it was perfect for today.

Until then,
Have a Great Week !


New Look 6351 Repeat

Of late or rather in the last few years, I've been trying to avoid sacrificing my style for more comfort.  However, man-o-man there is something to be said about stretch fabrics and elastic waistbands...lol.  I've worn structured garments for as long as I can remember and predominately suits throughout my working career and very rarely deviated from that.   Fast forward to my venture into sewing my clothes and have come to love all that is stretchy & elastic .... Is it safe to say as a 50+ woman it's part of that coming of age with an abundance of needing more comfort?

What I do know is that I will not forego my blazers, to some degree I still need a bit of structure in my wardrobe.  However, I love wearing pull-on pants, tops and dresses and not have to deal with buttons, zippers or snaps. I even go as far as looking for 4" heels that have springs and extra cushioning in them... giggling...  I am dead serious...lol

New Look 6351 is my go-to pants for just that comfort.  Which I have posted about herehere,  here annnnd here. However, I did modify the pants just a tab bit... I only added elastic to the back with a flat front.  Although, I am looking for comfort... I am not ready to venture into full elastic waistband pants...juuuuust yet.  But what I can say the partial elastic waistband provides ubber comfort and still allows me to transition from the office to play.

For this version, I used a lt. weight powder blue stretch denim that I scored at Walmart some time ago. This fabric was a dream to sew after being washed and dried.  All the seams were serged, did one layer of interfacing to back waist band and double layer of interfacing for the front band, 2" elastic in the back through the casing and finished off the waistband with orange bias tape.

One would think as many times as I've sewn this darn pattern, I would remember to add extra length to pattern piece... umm nerp... keep forgetting.  

Annnnd to think I have it noted on the pattern envelope for my heels... sheesh.

However, that didn't stop the show, pulled out color coordinated bias trim, ironed flat, sewed to raw edges of pant and finished off hemming it with my favorite... heatn'bond.... donedotcom.

Paired NL6351 with an old loft navy tank top and a refashioned chadwick floral jacket using my down & dirty no sew hem method.

For those that run away from elastic waistbands pants & skirts... just know they are not your typical mom elastic waist garments anymore.  One can still be stylish with ease & comfort.  

Until then,

Have a Great Day !


Then & Now Refashion Revisited

Happy Friday All !!!! Yipppee... I can't wait to get my weekend started..... in the meantime...

.... this Friday brings you a Then &Now Refashion Revisited.

If you don't know me I love to refashion items to give it a different look or just simply new life.

 This black lace was a pullover garment I purchased in  2014, despite not liking how the garment looked on me, the fit was good.  I didn't want to leave without them, there was that something ... that something kind of potential and purchased 4 of them at $4.99 each.

I was inspired by Vero Moda lace bomber jacket.


Of course, I could've used a sewing pattern, but heck why reinvent the wheel.  These pullover tops were just the ticket to take them from oh hum to just what I need.

It's Jean Friday @ work and this lacey number is pefect for a hot & humid day....  Paired it with black linen pants and a black/white printed tank... totally eccentric...lol

If one is looking for an easy refashion... shop your closet and you are sure to find a top, dress or pants that needs new life....

Below are progress pics of how I turned the pullover tops into summer jackets.

Until then,

Have an Awesome Weekend!


Butterick 5606 Abounds

Hello Everyone and hoping all had a Great 4th of July.   I took the low key mode and relaxed at home in my sewing room and enjoyed every minute of it...lol

With summer in full effect, my mind drifted on what would be my summer go-to pattern for 2016.   2015 was all about trying out new dress patterns, 2014 was all about Then & Now garments and 2013, I was into sheer blouses.  Well it didn't take long for me to decide on what would be my summer go-to pattern.  While wearing one of my tnt dresses... Streamlined Butterick 5606 it hit me... Bam...

Fast forward and managed to make 3 of them last weekend and what a happy camper I am.  The temps in the NYC are rising and the dresses are perfect solo or paired with my go-to blazers for the abnormally too cold office and subway trains.

If anyone is looking for easy sewing without a lot of fuss... check out Butterick 5606

It works so well in my corporate life when paired with a blazer.  Of course, one can't go wrong with a simple pull-over dress with ballet flats or skips.  This floral ITY border print was a gift from a dear friend and the print was perfect.  It just needed a simple silhouette and B5606 was the key.  I did some minor tweaking tho.  I added 3/8" to the pattern to accommodate my new girth, but ended shearing off half of that, as well as narrowing the skirt for a more leaner look.  Also sewed deeper seams at the shoulders to raise the neckline and armhole a bit.  Those tweaks were minor and bearable.

The seams were serged, the neckline and armholes were stay stitched with stitch witchery and folded to the inside and final stitched.   The hemline was folded and fused with heat n' bond... done.  The pattern consists of 3 pieces front, back and ties.  Streamline it by omitting the ties and it yields just 2 pieces that makes it easy sewing.

This crochet lace was purchased when Rachelle came to New York and we made a pit stop at Sav-a-thon.  I fell in love with this lil number and initially pegged it for a tunic.  Fast forward and deemed it worthy of a dress.  Did the same finishing, except left the hemline raw.  I didn't line it since I'd plan on wearing a full lining.

After making the third one which I haven't worn yet... I was off and running to my fabric dungeon for more fabric.  My lifting, dragging and opening bins yield this knitterly empire state image printed number (ooo that was a mouth full..lol)... that immediately screamed to be sewn when I pulled it out.

With this print, I spent more time fussing over where to put the main image.  I draped the fabric around me and immediately realized that my first idea of centering it was not a good thing.  When I put a blazer on over it, there was this fleeting glimpse that it was some type of batman logo or some type of something at center front... umm no.  So off-set I did and like it so much better.

I can't say enough about this quick and easy sew, but trust and believe I will be making more... so more dumpster diving will be taking place in my fabric dungeon... lol

Until then,

Have a Great Day!


Frankenpattern Butterick 6166 & McCalls 7246

With the heat in full effect in the NYC, I wanted to wear something light and bright to celebrate the last of my b-day weekend.  In come frankenpattern of:

 Butterick 6166
McCalls 7246
Honestly, these two patterns came into play because I was being lazy.  I just wanted to sew a dress and didn't want to go down to the fabric dungeon. In a perfect world, the right thing to do would've been to find a dress pattern that would work with my fabric yardage. But I didn't and since I was thirsty to just sew, I sifted through the several patterns I have clipped together in my sewing room, just waiting for when I just want to sew.

Purchased this ankara fabric from Fulton Fabrics in Bklyn.  The fabric had a waxy coating, but after washing & drying the end result was a waxless light-weight cotton. With fabric yardage at a minimum, I had enough for the skirt portion (Version A), but not enough for the cross-over bodice of McCalls 7246.  Used Butterick 6166 dress bodice by tracing off just the bodice section.  Cut & basted the dress together and the dress was too big....uggh.  

Being the dart-ista that I am, I darted and increased the seam allowances.  The dress has 2 sets of bodice darts, back waist darts, bust darts, deepened the neckline, narrowed the upper armhole depth, 1" center back seam and for the side seams I took in an additional 1/4".  I did have to do the zipper over twice, but I persevered and all of my nipping & tucking yield a perfect fit.

Since, I didn't line the dress, for the neckline and armholes, I used fold-over elastic to finish. The hemline was fused with heatn'bond... donedotcom.

The dress was a comfortable wear for the few hours that I had it on.  The real wearability test will be when I wear it to work.

This dress will definitely be a remake now that I have all my fit issues in place.

Until then, Have an