Crochet Top Down Sweater

Happy Thursday All!!.. Hoping Everyone had an Awesome New Year and looking forward to more fun in 2017.

I haven't sewn many garments in the last month or sew, however, I have been crocheting of late. With winter upon us... I thought now is a great time to get a hooking ... crocheting.

I used my Ooowee Sweater pattern that I created back in 2011... Thanks to my dear friend Andrea of Knit-Knac who encouraged me to takes notes, work up the pattern several times and go forth.  Since then, I've made a dozen or so sweater variations of this pattern.   (The pattern can also be found on the right side bar at the bottom).

However, I have a knack of deviating from the pattern instructions and did the same this time.  I modified the pattern just a lil to create initially a tunic, but didn't really care for the length.

I decided to shorten it for a pullover sweater with a ribbed band.  Using the steeking method, I reinforced where I wanted to cut, by double machine stitching around the circumference of the sweater 11" down from front neckline.  Thereafter, checked to make sure all the crochet loops were secured in the machine stitch.  

Crocheted a 3" ribbed band for the bottom, whip stitched the ribbed band together, pinned to raw edge of sweater and whip stitched to the bottom of the sweater.  

Totally happy now and the sweater works well with my flipper skirt...

 as well as my jeans while out and about with my daughter

... love it with my inverted pleated skirt that I wore for a hot minute to meet up with a friend.

Loved the sweater & skirt ensemble so much... decided to wear it to work.... yeah I played the heck out of this sweater...lol

Until then, 
Have a Great Week !


OOTD w/ New Look 6697

Happy Tuesday All and hoping everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season.  How many of you have finished your holiday shopping.   If you have, I am so jealous because I have yet to start...lol.  I know I should be focusing on my holiday shopping, but my attention has been drawn to my closet.

One of my favorite wardrobe things to do is play in my closet.  I have a large collection of garments and there are times when certain items lose their rotation status.  Yes, my garments have rotation status ...lol.  It happens when certain garments are no longer as appealing as when I first made them or purchased them and they are then relegated to the back of the closet.

I try to do it every season and don't like to call it a purge, but reassessing my wardrobe.  Basically re-evaluating what stays, gets refashion or donated.... okkkaaay its purging...lol.  Luckily, I very rarely have to donate a lot of stuff, because I try to stay consistent with reassessing my wardrobe.

In comes New Look 6697 made a lil over 2 years ago & posted about here.

I love a grab & go dress and NL 6697 is one of them and for a short while served its purpose until it lost its appeal.  After reassessing, I came to the conclusion that the dress was too long and no longer flattering.  So what does a gal do.... hack off some of the length... bamdotcomdotdone.

Well it wasn't that fast... I had to unpick the casing in the back underside, snip the elastic, then pull the elastic a smidge tighter, stitch and close up the casing... thenIwasdonedotcom.

 old pic of the back casing

This dress has been renewed and back in rotation.  I have yet to pair it with any other color blazer ... I mainly stayed with taupe.  

Now that I mentioned it.... mmmm thinking...  I need to find another color blazer to optimize its potential...lol

Until then,
Have a Great Day !


TBT w/ McCalls 7121

I love a pattern that constantly keeps going and McCalls 7121 is it.  A great pattern that allows one to play with different fabrics and go against the grain.  Love it when I can grab a dress and go without a fuss, pair it with a blazer, vest or cardigan.

December 2016

August 2015

Until then,
Have a Great Week  !!


Then & Now w/ Butterick 5958 & Mccalls 6654

Hello Everyone and hoping all are enjoying the holiday season and rocking & rolling with holiday activities.

Surprisingly, I was able to get my xmas tree up a week early.  I normally put my tree up the 1st or second weekend of December... but I am happy to say its up and loving it.   With that taken care and being inspired by others, I went on a xmas tree palooza and put up small trees in various areas of the house, kitchen, dining-room and even the bathroom... sooo cute.

Now that I have taken care of the holiday decorating I am here with a Then & Now Post...

I made this duo a lil over a year & half ago after being inspired by a sewing diva's fabulous vest suit.  It was just the inspiration I needed to add some mix to my workwear.

Then 2015
 I wore the duo with modfied Mccalls 6796
Posted about here 

Now 2016

A great ensemble to add to any wardrobe.  If anyone has been looking for something new to spruce up their wardrobe... add a vest to the mix.  Especially with the cooler temps. vests are perfect for layering.

Until then,
Have a Great Week !!


Mccalls 6842

I'd purchased a yoke waist skirt back in 2013 and loved the flirty style of it.  Thereafter, purchased Mccalls 6842 pattern  to make one.

Fast forward to Spring 2016 and finally cut the pattern, version C.  Then cut into my luxurious teal double knit fabric that I'd purchased from Beautiful Fabrics, Bklyn, N.Y. several years ago.  However, time got the best of me and it just sat, then it was summer.  Decided it was best to put it away for a later time.

After swapping out my summer wardrobe for fall/winter gear, I came across the rtw skirt I'd purchased.  Then remembered the pattern.  Had to reacquaint myself with the instructions and thereafter proceeded with construction.  This is an easy pattern and even more easy since I used a double knit fabric.

I didn't want the high yoke as depicted and shortened it 3-1/2".   I also shortened the length of the yoga waistband, since I opted out of the zipper, basically going for a pull-on skirt.  All the seams were serged... talk about a clean cut sew.  The hemline was folded to the inside and fused with heatn'bond.  Buuuut, then I got this creative notion and wanted a dress.

Had a cute top for it and the print & colors paired perfectly.  This was an easy modification.  Cut the bottom of the top to desired length and with right sides together serged top to waist of skirt... donedotcom.

Got the 2 piece look in one.  I wear tank tops throughout the year.  Topping it off with the perfect fall/winter jacket looking all comfy and snug will leave others clueless ... lest you take it off...lol  Since I have those moments and start to overheat... its imperative that I cool down immediately...  hence wearing tank tops throughout the year.

Of course, my signature style is rocking blazers... popped on this moto wax denim jacket which is a fall/winter proof staple in my wardrobe.  Moto jackets exude that of-the-moment-look, where you are just feeling stylishly chic in a corporate kinda way.

Until then,
Have a Great Week !