Flipped the Script with Simplicity 1133

Simplicity 1133: Misses' vintage Super Jiffy wrap around beach cover-up or tunic and elastic waist pants pattern is quick and easy to sew using two main pattern pieces.

Fell in love with this pattern and knew I had to sew it.  I envisioned it making a great weekender to frolic around in.

Had the perfect fabric, a stretch rayon from my favorite fabric spot.... Virgo Fabrics, that has since closed.  With the bold print, something simple was needed and S1133 fit the bill. There was no tissue fitting going on with this pattern, it's just one large piece that makes up the front and back and went with the size 14.

The garment was cut on the fold and stay stitched along the neckline and armhole curves.  At this point, I pinned the garment together at the shoulder extensions and pulled it over my head and noted what changes would be needed...

...especially being that I would be flipping the script on this baby, where it's literally backwards.  Removed 3-1/2" from the back shoulder extensions and 2" from the front shoulder extensions.  Added the original armhole darts, which essentially are in the back. To get a closer fit under the armholes, I put in additional darts there.

Fold in the raw edges 1/4" and secured the fold with stitch witchery and final stitched and trimmed down the edges to stitching line.  Added rectangle buttons and done.

Seriously, this tunic was a quick and easy sew, although it took me two weeks before I donned it.  Mainly due to the fact that the shorts that I have in my closet were not working with it.

Finally decided to go with refashioned leggings. 

 Put them on, marked my cutting line and folded to the inside and again, used stitch witchery to anchor the fold and final stitched.

Thankfully I added a tack stitch to secure the front from opening all the way. Couldn't have my abs & bra being flashed....lol

The tunic was perfect for frolicking out and about in on the weekend, especially being that it was Hawt out there !
Tunics are garments that are not easy for me to wear, being that I am short and vertically challenged.  However, I tried to follow a few tips from Buzzle:

  • Make sure the tunic is not too short
  • Thigh-high is the perfect length.
  •  If the tunic is printed, plain, flat pumps should do the trick
  • Make sure the length of the shorts is not equal to or lesser than that of the tunic.

 Until then,

Have a Great Weekend !!!


Refashion w/ McCalls 7121

Happy Wednesday All !!

Can I admit something?  I'm so ready for summer to be over... seriously, its Hot, Humid and my face can't stay shine-free to save my life... ugh.  However, in the same breath I love sewing/refashioning summer garments.... Oxymoron you say...lol

Today's OOTD is a refashioned lace pullover top that I'd purchased last year for pennies.  Love the color and the lace fabric, however, I wasn't too crazy about how the garment fit me as a pullover top.

While in the store and after trying it on, I'd come to the conclusion that it wouldn't work as a top, but purchased it anyway.  My mind strategized how I was going to rework this garment... at $4.99, I purchased the available 4 colors and twee stepped out the store knowing that they would be reworked somehow... someway...lol

For the first refashion, I chose the black one... to play it safe, just in case I eff'd up.  However, all was for not, it worked out fine.  Donned the black one last week and reminded myself it was time to do the winter white one.

For the second refashion, I just added the ribbon and opted out of a zipper and shortened 1".  If I'd read my blog post, I would've noted that I'd shortened the first one by 2"... bleh!  Despite that lil hiccup, it worked out tho' and paired it with McCalls 7121. The morning started out with a different pair of shoes....

....but once I'd arrived at work, decided to change it up to make the outfit pop a lil more.

Strategizing again, thinking once I get home, I will do a lil more refashion on this one and shorten the sleeves.

Oh' hoping I am not the only one, but I have a few pieces of jewelry that I keep at work and swapped out my Mudd watch for a bracelet and added another necklace....

With that out of the way... my ensemble is complete.

Until then,
Have a Great Day !!!!


Frankenpattern McCalls 7121 & Simplicity 1663

Is New York hot enough for everyone yet?  Yesterday felt like a hundred, sweltering, steamy, blistering hot and the next few days will be the same.  However, I was able to stay somewhat cool yesterday wearing a frankenpattern maxi.

As I mentioned in this post, I was experiencing a love/hate relationship with maxis and the one's I made in previous years, except for 2 were shortened to dresses.

Seriously, I am a shortie, but every single time I saw a woman rocking a maxi I'd scream to my inner self, she's short and it looks fabulous on her... wish I could wear them.... well at least one..... right?  

When I did wear them in the past, I must admit I enjoyed the comfort and seriously the ebb & flow of the fabric against my legs and of course the easy breeziness of them.  Buuuut, I felt like humpty dumpty... something was just off.

I followed some tips @ Symbology Clothing, and believe I've calmed the love/hate maxi relationship and went on to make a second one.

Tips for wearing a maxi with a short & vertically challenged body:

  • slim fit;
  • semi-sheer fabrics;
  • opt for vertical prints or monochromatic;
  • if going with a print, opt for small prints or the print should be no bigger than your fist;
  • fitted bodice;
  • v-neckline or sweetheart neckline
  • break up the bodice and skirt with a belt or opt for an inset elastic waist; 
  • opt for heels, but if that isn't possible, flat open toe sandals or wedge sandals.

  • Sewing Tiddles:

    Pattern Descriptions:
      McCalls 7121 Bodice, pullover & close fitting through the bust with back bodice variation and elasticized waist.
      Simplicity 1663 Skirt, pull-on with mini length, optional trim or maxi length sheer overskirt with slits.

    Fabric: White sheer textured stripe poly knit w/ one-way stretch.

    Bodice Alterations: added 1/2" to the side seams of the bodice as well as 1/4" to the armholes and merging into the upper part of the armhole.  Also raised the neckline 3/8" and bust darts.

    Skirt Alterations: cut a 12, but it ended up wider than the bodice and ran gathering stitches and gathered to bodice width, and fully lined with a lt. weight knit. 
     For the hemline and side slits, I used thin strips of stitch witchery, sandwiched it between the fold line and final stitched.  After inserting the darn lining, I didn't like look of the shoulder/armholes and cut off 3/8" from the armholes... however...

    my armholes ended up showing armpit cleavage, but seriously with yesterday's temp.... I needed all the airflow I could get.

    End result, comfortable, easy breezy and perfect for frolicking around on the weekend.

    Until then,
    Have a Great Week! 


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