Yoga Waistband

A question was posed on my instagram page regarding the yoga waistband, and thought I'd share it here. The yoga waistband is another one of my recent loves, which I have mentioned here and here.

ComfortWear is my new mantra for a working woman-on-the-go.  The formula is just perfect for my work life... Office appropriate + cozy + versatile = comfortably perfect.

The yoga waistband makes wearing a skirt even more comfortable and I don't think it gets better than that.  Seriously, it makes that time of day, time of meal, time of life bearable.  I've mentioned many times, my week days are 12-15 hours long and sitting for long periods of time begs for more comfort.

I used Mccalls 6654 knit skirt pattern, size 10 and constructed the skirt as directed.  Used a printed ITY knit from Chic Fabrics, NYC.   For the yoga waistband I used the casing pattern piece.  That piece is about 1-1/2" in height and added an additional 1-1/2" to that , yielding a 6" yoga band, and cut my waistband on the fold.

A lining was added to my skirt  and used the skirt pattern pieces to make the lining.  Basted the lining in wrong sides together to the skirt wsist line.  Before serging the raw edges of the yoga waistband, I cut 1-1/2" from the band length, then serge.  Once serged, I tried on the waistband to ensure it fits snuggly on my waist. Folded the yoga waistband wrong sides together and machine baste.  Thereafter, pinned yoga waistband to skirt waist stretching as I pinned to accommodate the waistband to the skirt waistline and serged.   All that remain was hemming the lining & skirt... done.

The yoga waistband is easy to add to any skirt pattern may it be knit or woven. For this version, I cut a printed cotton blend fabric on the bias as well as the yoga band.  Again, I reduced the length of the waistband, but allowing enough room to slide it over my hips.  Serged to skirt, hemmed lining and skirt... done.

I have linked a few tuts that will help one achieve that oh so cozy skirt and it will even work for pants...

Yoga Waistband Tutorials:

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Twin Set Love...

I’ve recently found love in the simplest ensemble, the Twin Set as I am affectionately calling a matching top & skirt. 

 My workwear has been entrenched in tailored suits over the last 25 years and honestly didn’t know any other way to dress for my work life. Fast forward to the last 8 years of sewing my own clothes, I’ve ventured into wearing casually corporate garments.  Especially being that the corporate arena has become soft on office attire.  

However, I still have a deep rooted love affair with my suits and don a suit at least 2 days out of the week now.  My suit collection was revamped 11 years ago and plan to get the last bit of wearing out of them...lol

The Twin Set Love started so innocently tho'  while participating in a sewing challenge mentioned here.  After completing the challenge, and after wearing a few of the pieces, I immediately wanted more.

All of the twin sets were created using knits and what I am loving about this set is the ability to mix and match.  Although I donned suits for years, I did not mix & match my suits pieces... a total no-no.  

To create the twin sets, I used my go-to TnT patterns (New Look 6735), (Simplicity 1849) and (Mccalls 6654).

For Mccalls 6645, I modified it with a yoga waistband, which I learned from a fellow periscope seamstress Char of bless1.  All of the skirts are fully lined. Love that method, making the construction even easier.  Here is a yoga waistband tut I found if one is interested.

 Each of the patterns are easy with minimal fitting and they also provide instant gratification. 

Adding these sets to my wardrobe collection gives me more versatility.  Lastly, At my 50+ age and spending 12-15hrs. away from home daily, there's nothing like wearing clothes that feel like pajamas...lol

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Pericrafter Wardrobe Builder

It's been several years since I've participated in any type of swap (sewing with a purpose).  Matter of fact, the last time I participated in a swap/wardrobe builder was in 2008 via Artisan Square.  One thing I knew for sure was to keep it Practical & Simple.

Fast forward to 2016 and dipped into a wardrobe builder challenge.  If you are not familiar with Facebook Pericrafters... check it out.  An awesome group of creative women & men that love to learn, share and just have sewing, crafty & creative fun.

I participated in their August sewing challenge that consisted of creating a few garments that can be mixed and matched.  Pulled out my trusty TnTs and went to work...

3 New Look 6735 tops (printed ITY, beige & dk brown), 1 royal blue simplicity 1849 top and 3 mccalls 6654 skirts (printed ITY, beige & rust).  Decided since I have an abundance of jackets & pants... just went w/ tops & skirts.

Thankfully my TnT's required simple construction and was able to get all my garments done by the August 31st deadline.  Boy'o boy did I have a grand time sewing. 


The New Look 6735 tops were a breeze, and whipped them up with a quickness. There is something to be said about instant gratification garments.  They go together effortlessly.  For Simplicity 1849, I had to slow my pace, to make sure I got the twist detail correctly. I got the construction correctly, but oddly my twist ended up on the opposite side... my motto... keep it moving.

For the neckline, armholes and hemline I just serged w/ steam-a-seam to stabilize and folded to the inside and final stitched.  

Also I love viewing periscopes of the pericrafter crew.  In one of the scopes a young lady Char (Blessed1) scoped her favorite waistband treatment which is a yoga waistband.  I loved the ease of how it went together and used the technique for my 3 Mccalls 6654 skirts, as well as lined them. 

I managed to create a few garments that work effortlessly with existing pieces or alone...  I paired this set with my rtw refashioned chadwick blazer. 

Effortlessly casually corporate....

One thing I can admit... I am consistent...  my sense of style is still the same.... practical & simple.

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Have an Awesome Weekend!


I am Not A Pack Rat... Seriously

I have a knack for repurposing old things and will tell anyone.. I am not a pack rat
... seriously.

Before I trash something, I like to give it the last chance assessment. .. what can I do with this....

I am quick to admit, I am not some kind of environmental geek.  But I love to repurpose and the key is not to make it a bob-the-builder gadget.

For instance. .. makeup brushes are great for removing dust and slivers of fabric & thread from my sewing machine.

I have several machines and have a
makeup brush for each one.  I wash it and let dry and presto ready to kick dust.

I also have one at work for my keyboard... perfect for removing breakfast crumbs.

Also being a crafty geek... old makeup brushes are pefect for applying glue or if you are a glitter queen.. brushing off the excess glitter.

Another nifty beauty item is the Tweezer.  Not sure you are like me, but as I get older my facial hairs are constantly trying to make an appearance.  Of course, I have to keep them at bay.  However, over time  heavy use of my tweezers make them dull & useless.  Again repurposing in action, perfect for feeding thread through the eye of a needle and pulling it through too.  

They are also perfect for use with my crafting.  Especially when working with rhinestones and removing stickers.

Interested to know.... what items do you repurpose for sewing?

                                     Until then,
                            Have a Great Sunday.


Casual Friday w/ New Look 6915

It felt like this day took sooo long to get here and now that it is here....just know that better days are coming... like Saturday & Sunday...lol

The best part about Friday is everybody seems to be more relaxed and in the mood to celebrate any and everything.  Fridays just makes everything right with the world even my commute isn't so bad.  Actually with summer in full effect and the kids out of school, my commute becomes a dream... from 1-1/2 hr to just under an 1 hour... tell me that is not pure bliss...lol

Friday has everyone letting their hair down and rocking their favorite casual Friday gear.  I am really not a jean & tee shirt gal, but love me a simple top and slacks.  In comes New Look 6915, and first started working with this pattern during one of Faye's Sew-alongs in 2010.

Thereafter continued making more and they have served me well.

In 2013, I revisited sewing sheer fabrics and of course, used New Look 6915 posted about here.  This pattern is a quick and easy sew and love using sheer fabric for it.

This top is perfect with the heat index at an all time high here in the NYC and constant heat advisory warnings.. jeans would not work for me.  Paired NL6915 with linen pants for an uber cool & comfortable outfit.

Despite the heat & humidity as I headed into the office, I actually felt a breeze.. hot breeze, but a breeze nonetheless...lol

Until then,
Have A Great Weekend !