Frankenpattern Butterick 6166 & McCalls 7246

With the heat in full effect in the NYC, I wanted to wear something light and bright to celebrate the last of my b-day weekend.  In come frankenpattern of:

 Butterick 6166
McCalls 7246
Honestly, these two patterns came into play because I was being lazy.  I just wanted to sew a dress and didn't want to go down to the fabric dungeon. In a perfect world, the right thing to do would've been to find a dress pattern that would work with my fabric yardage. But I didn't and since I was thirsty to just sew, I sifted through the several patterns I have clipped together in my sewing room, just waiting for when I just want to sew.

Purchased this ankara fabric from Fulton Fabrics in Bklyn.  The fabric had a waxy coating, but after washing & drying the end result was a waxless light-weight cotton. With fabric yardage at a minimum, I had enough for the skirt portion (Version A), but not enough for the cross-over bodice of McCalls 7246.  Used Butterick 6166 dress bodice by tracing off just the bodice section.  Cut & basted the dress together and the dress was too big....uggh.  

Being the dart-ista that I am, I darted and increased the seam allowances.  The dress has 2 sets of bodice darts, back waist darts, bust darts, deepened the neckline, narrowed the upper armhole depth, 1" center back seam and for the side seams I took in an additional 1/4".  I did have to do the zipper over twice, but I persevered and all of my nipping & tucking yield a perfect fit.

Since, I didn't line the dress, for the neckline and armholes, I used fold-over elastic to finish. The hemline was fused with heatn'bond... donedotcom.

The dress was a comfortable wear for the few hours that I had it on.  The real wearability test will be when I wear it to work.

This dress will definitely be a remake now that I have all my fit issues in place.

Until then, Have an



New Look 6351 - Then & Now

Happy Monday All and hoping Everyone had a Spectacular Mother's Day!!!.

Well it's a new week and back to the daily work grind. While preparing my work wear for the week, I realized it's that time of the year where my closet purge is near. Also, my mind drifted into whether I succeeded in not wearing only  20% of my clothes 80% of the time.

With a closet full of clothes, last year I mulled over how best to ensure I wore 80% of my clothes.  In mentioning my wardrobe woes to my daughter, she thereafter forwarded this link on the Quick & Easy Hanger Trick.  Fast forward 5 months, I must say  it is an eye opener allowing me to re-evaulate what hangers were still backward.  

Now, I know exactly which garments will go to donation row. There are several blazers that will be donated, and in taking a closer inspection of why I didn't wear them, I realized that those garments were impulsive purchases. Guessing it's safe to say that during my impulsive purchasing, I did not take into consider the fit and how best it would work into or with other items in my closet.  A few pants will also be going too, honestly, the pants have been around too long and I have lost my love for them, despite still being in good condition.  Most definitely some blouses,  I have at least a dozen button-down blouses and have not worn any of them in over a year... bye button-downs.  The few dresses that I have fallen out of love with, will be refashioned to tops in the hopes of rejuvenating the love.

  One good thing is that my personally-made garments are still viable and got lot's of play.  Also when its time to swap out my Fall/Winter gear there will be less to lug to the attic.  Of course, I will continue the hanger trick for my Spring/Summer gear too.

 One of my favorite makes will retain its status in my closet when its time to swap out the Fall/Winter Gear.... New Look 6351.  These pants are e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g... comfortable, stylish & worked well through the Fall and early Spring.

THEN 2015 

Last year I paired it with a teal S.ears blazer & navy Wal.mart tank top. 

NOW 2016

This year, while scoring my local Savers Thrift shop, I scored this navy blue collarless double breasted blazer.  Squeal.... it paired perfectly with my tartan plaid pants & green tank top.

Win... Win...

If one is looking for an easy pants pattern... check out New Look 6351, you will not be disappointed.

Below are a few reviews on this pattern:

Until then,
Have a Great Week!!!


Then & Now w/ Butterick 5606

This LBD continues to give my wardrobe life.  Butterick 5606 started out as an infinity dress that I had reservations about once it was completed.

However, I didn't let that keep me from wearing it.  From 2011 to 2016, this dress went through some minor modifications thereby taking it from infinity to simplicity.

At one point the dress was too big and added a casing and elastic for a better fit. Then with some weight gain, the elastic was removed from the front.   Fast forward a year later finally removed the remaining elastic from the back.

NOW 2016 - OOTD

Eclectified it with an animal print blazer & floral shoes

 FROM 2011 to 2015

I have taken this dress & simplified it, making it a true workhorse in my wardrobe.  This pattern is still available and in a simplified form, makes for the perfect summer dress, work dress and even date nite dress... give it a try... it won't disappoint.

Until then,
Have a Great Week


Jean Friday


It's Jean Friday and many enjoy the relaxed dress code.  Yes I am always looking forward to Jean Friday, however, I was not in the mood for jeans.

Just before I pulled on jeans... my eyes & mind shifted to my faux leather dress adorning my dress form... whispering.. do you really want to wear those jeans.......

... and add to the fact that the weather would be a lil more milder than usual...  ignored my jeans and undressed my dress form and.... with all the other fixings I was ready for work... Rocking my urban flair faux leather dress that I'd made for a New Year's party last year

Can you tell I made the right choice on what to wear to work....lol

Ahh the feel of Jean Friday ...

Until then,
Have an Awesome Weekend !!!!


OOTD w/ Butterick 5958 & McCalls 6654

Somehow, somewhere Brown & Red combined got a bad reputation...  and avoided mixing the two for years.  Then last year on a quest to create a vest suit, I came across a few yards of dk brown plaid suiting fabric in my stash.   I decided the color & fabric was perfect for Butterick 5958 & McCalls 6654.  When I'd completed the vest suit, I needed a color that would bring out the other colors in the fabric and the only color that made sense was red.  

THEN 2015

NOW 2016
 I am still loving my brown & red mix...

So, if anyone has been fearful of pairing the two together... don't be afraid.. Rock It
Well not so fast... lol.  The trick to it all is make sure to pair dark brown with a vibrant red and soft brown with a dark red/burgundy .. and there you go....

Until then,
Have a Great Week.