Butterick 6425 Cold Shoulder Top

Happy Friday Everyone and hoping your day is going well.   New York is starting to heat up and this is the perfect time for a warm weather top...

In comes Butterick 6425: a close fitting top with the cold shoulder detail, also offers length and sleeve variations.

Quick Video of my Cold Shoulder Top

Sewing Details:

Pattern Size: 16

Did it look like the photo? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Clear and easy instructions

What did you particularly like about the pattern?   It took me a minute to get off the fence about this style of top, but after my sewing sister posted her top, I was in it to win it. Of course, the detail that I've come to like is the cold shoulder

Fabric Used: Black / White ITY knit 

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:  I went with a 16 for the body, 14 for the armholes and neckline.  Scooped out the front neckline for a lower fit, shortened the sleeves and sewed with a lil more than 5/8" seams

Would you sew it again?  I will definitely sew this again and again...lol

Conclusion: This pattern yield a cute top that is perfect for the spring & summer.

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Have a Great Friday!!!


DIY Make-up Brush Cleaning Board

I've finally taken the plunge and did a youtube video.  I'm not new to videos, but now want to share my sewing, crafting & diy life.

Get a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine.... and enjoy..

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Have a Great Evening !!!


Burda 7352 Then 2011 & Now 2017

Ahhh Burda 7352 … it was the dress that had me going bonkers.  My daughter asked me to make her a dress for a New Years’ Eve Party... like December 31st.  To make matters even more bonkers, she wasn’t home and unable do any fitting….. double dayumm!

Dumpster dived and did leaps and bounds to get the dress done and miraculously I was able to get it done, and she liked it.  However, New Years Eve was coming to a close and when I peeped in on her to see if she was dress, my baby girl was sound asleep. So the dress wasn’t worn to the New Years’ Eve party.

Although, she didn’t wear it that time, the dress served her well for other events.  Now that my baby girl has blossomed into a voluptuous woman, the dress no longer fits her.  She planned on giving it to a friend and I immediately paused that cause… Nawww baby girl… I am taking that dress.  After the sweat and love I put into it… its miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine…lol

Fast Forward 2017 and I looooooooooooove this dress.  

Read more about my Burda 7352 adventure…. Circa 2011

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Modified Mccalls 7756 w/ Mccalls 7261

Hello All...

My activewear sewing is still on a roll and will remain so for a minute...lol.  Totally loving it and going with the saying, activewear is meant for gals who loves fashion as much as she likes to sweat...lol

Having fallen in love with making my own activewear has truly motivated me to continue working out 4-5 days a week.  As I've mentioned in the past, I mainly workout to maintain my current weight, as well as keep some of my ailments at bay.

However, don't let all the above fool you.  There are mornings.. 5:00am...  that I just lay in my bed and stare at the ceiling... honestly cursing to myself ... I don't want to effing do it.  But let 2 or more days go by without working out and one or two ailments will crop up and remind me why I need to do it.  Also, with the New Year in full effect, I'm proud to say I have not had one emergency visit to the hospital, nor have I had to take any meds or shots.  2015 and early 2016 was brutal, my body was constantly pumped with meds/shots to relieve my pain.  Fast forward to 2017, staying committed to working out has kept me feeling better than ever and pain FREE !!!!

It's approaching a full year that I have remained constant and truly proud of myself, but sheesh it takes commitment.   I make sure before I go to bed, to have my workout gear and equipment ready.  Also, depending on what type of workout I will do... have selected furniture moved out of the way too.

Some mornings after I've completed my workout, I have to laugh at myself.  My guy is about to take a pic and tells me... ummmmm babe... I think your top is on backwards....lol.  Yes, I have rolled out of bed thrown on my clothes and given less than a babyburp about whether its on right.   There has been a day or two that I'm in mid stride on the elliptical and know something is wrong with my leggings... lol and will have to stop and get it right...lol

This activewear set is modified Mccalls 7556 with another Mccalls 7261 leggings.  I used a hot pink two-way stretch knit from 123 Fabrics, Bklyn, N.Y. and a black/hot pink stretch lace from Silk Road, Bklyn, N.Y.  The modifications to Mccalls 7556 were easy, but with this post already long-winged, I will talk about that in another post with another make.

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Butterick 5147 Then & Now

Hello All…  

...it’s been a while since I’ve shared a Then & Now, and today I bring Butterick 5147.

Circa 2010

Talk about a garment that is still going strong.  Over the last 11 years I’ve cultivated a wardrobe that is standing the test of time.  My style is simple but comfortably corporate or better yet comfortably conservative.  It not only performs for the working woman lifestyle, but segues seamlessly into other aspects of my lifestyle.

At any given time I will take a dress that works perfectly in the working world.  Then let it do what it do for a nite on the town to dressing it down during the summer with skips… simple and no real thought to getting ready.... I just stay ready.

Butterick 5147 is a true testimony to being versatile.  I must say there was one alteration that I made to this, and it was to shorten it.  The hem line was wonky and cut off 1" and re-hemmed it.  But... let me tell you, this dress is so versatile that with it being a 2 n’ 1 dress, makes it even more versatile… Check out how I Flipped the Script.

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