Then & Now w/ Butterick 5147

Happy Friday Everyone and hoping the snow didn't put a damper on anyone's commute.  Most importantly tho' it's FRIDAAAAAAAAAY !  New York got a fist full of snow, but it has stopped and now the sun is out.  With that, it's melting and hopefully it will all be a distant memory by the end of the day.  

Today's post is another Then & Now w/ Butterick 5147.  After sewing my first one back in 2010, I'd mentioned that I wanted at least 1/2 dozen of these dresses.  Welp!!! I have a Grey, ReversibleGrommets, FloralCharcoal & Plaid one and thinking ... just maybe another one wouldn't hurt ... right....lol

2016                                              2010

Although majority of my sewn garments are for work, one thing I take into consideration is versatility.  This dress has been worn on the weekends with a denim jacket, tights & boots.  Worn in the summer solo with flats, to work with a tailored blazer w/ my favorite pumps and of course, several wears with it as a jumper for business casual Friday.

This dress continues to give my wardrobe stability and if one is looking for a simple, but classic silhouette Butterick 5147 would make the perfect choice.

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Have a Great Weekend !


Then & Now w/ Mccalls 6844

Can you believe January is closing in so quickly, not giving me enough time to acclimate to the New Year. With the first of the year moving swiftly, I need to get on the ball and get some of my goals & projects in action.  In the mean time, thought I'd share a Then & Now...

... with it being Friday !!!  I decided to join the ranks and rock jeans and thought what better piece to top it off with... none other than Mccalls 6844.  When I made it back in 2014, my plan was to immediately make another one, but other projects bulldozed their way to the top of my to-sew list.

With the temps in the low 20s this beautiful Friday...  M6844 is perfect for that warmth factor and this sweater knit fleece is so snuggly too.

Now  2016                                             Then   2014

Thinking now would be a good time to work up the same fabric in winter white.

Paired it with a walmart tank top, old loft jeans and once @ work stepped into my electric blue pumps.

If anyone is looking for a quick & easy sew and a garment that provides another take on the traditional cardigan, check out The Crafty Gemini's sew along tutorial.

Check out Others that have made it:


Until then,
Have an Awesome Weekend !!



I've avoided pleats like the bubonic plague for the last 10 years.  Way back when, like 20 years younger I owned and rocked several from the knife pleats to broomstick maxis.  Somewhere along the way, my style changed as well as my body and they became a thing of the past.  Then 10 years ago, I'd purchased a pleated skirt in an attempt revisit that trend, umm yeah,  I felt so frumpy.. like mrs.doubt.fire frumpy and with that the skirt immediately went to the donation pile.

With several pointers in place ... 50+ years older .... pleat trend on fleet .... knowing what works for my body .... an Awesome Tutorial via Stylesewme ... It was a must sew.

What have I learned in revisiting this trend... for my body type @ 5'3", vertical, short torso & boobalicious... 
  • Wide waistband is a must;
  • blouse must be tucked in;
  • pleats should hit below belly button;
  • exception for not tucking it in... a crop top or jacket will do;

WoW what a difference a decade makes ....lol ... no more mrs.doubt.fire 

Until then,
Have a Great Thursday !!!


Box pleated Skirt

Happy Saturday and hoping Everyone enjoyed their day.  I actually got out today, honestly I was forced out, had to do food shopping.  I am an introverted weekender, return home from work on Friday and do not leave the house til Monday morning for work.  So out I went and also made a pit stop at Joanns.  Picked up a few patterns, Vogue 9175, McCalls 7331, McCalls 7317 & Mccalls 7319, so the trip out & about was worth it...lol.

While surfing FB this week, I came across a skirt tutorial via Faye Sewing Adventure FB post, regarding Stylesewme's Box Pleated Skirt tutorial.  Talk about easy peasy & great tut.. yeah... a must view.  She did an awesome job.

Her tutorial had my must make sewing on fleet.  Of course, I had to test the technique out.  Made a pit stop at my local fabric spot and picked up this geometric print for $1.50/yd.  Check it tho'  it's shower curtain fabric..  hardcore polyester... like  stone cold Poly & Esther to the bone.

I immediately washed it & dried, which softened it a teeny bit.  End result ... perfect for box pleats.

Dived right into sewing a skirt, her technique for box pleating was on point... went smoothly.  Even her no hook & eye technique.. super smooth.  I was doing the stanky leg dance... all happy... try-on time.  I just knew the zipper was stuck... seriously why wasn't it zipping up.   After a lil wiggling, the zipper went up, however,  I had a severe case of puffer fish syndrome ... man if I wanted to drink water I would be a casualty.

Take 2...


Made sure not to cut off more than my girth and all was right with the world.  Hope to have pics up soon in my shower curtain skirt.  In the mean time on to pulling out some other  fabric for a remake.

Until then, 
Have an Awesome Weekend!!



Happy Friday Everyone... the day has finally come... yesssss .. It's FRIDAY !!!!  This week has felt like eternity... seriously and it could be in part due to the holidays and my body refusing to acclimate to the New Year.  With all that aside, I am just plain ol' grateful that Friday is Here !!!!

This Friday's post brings you to one of my favorite things ... Thrifting.  I was recently asked about where I got my furniture for my sewing room, and thought I'd share it here.

My guy and I started thrifting about 10 years ago and were lucky to score really nice furniture from leather sofas to buffet chests.    Then we wanted bedroom furniture for one of the bedrooms and searched and in a matter of a few weeks, we scored a beautiful bedroom set, (armoire, mirror, long dresser & headboard - all for $300 bucks).

This is the armoire from the set.... beautiful piece

When I decided I wanted a dedicated sewing room, my guy went in search and scored this awesome office desk to serve as my cutting table ... and 

... the return to hold my sewing machines, 

and another return piece for holding additional sewing machines (all at a great price - $100) at a local second hand shop near his job.

After checking out a few retail stores for a 3 way mirror and shocked at the prices, we scored a $10 floor screen that we eventually turned into a 3 way mirror

Recently had my cutting/desk pimped out with wheels and raised to 39" height and lovin' every minute of it being mobile when I need it to be.

Over the years we have scored some great furniture pieces that continue to serve us well.  Most of the pieces haven taken residence in my sewing room and make awesome storage.  

If you are looking for ways to accommodate or create your sewing/crafting paraphernalia... check your local thrift store... you will be surprised at the treasures you will find.

 Our thrifting didn't stop there tho'.  Or should I say my thrifting ...   have scored a great collection of old sewing reference books too.. here are just a few.

Then my thrifting continued to branch out to jewelry.... 

A few years ago, my daughter came home with a haul of thrifted garments .. I'm talking really nice pieces and of course, I started garment thrifting...

... as for garments, I mainly buy blazers and have been really lucky scoring nice blazers.   
This Ann Taylor blazer was scored for just $7.99 almost 3 years ago.

I take care to pay attention to garment fabric content .. preferrably machine washable items, which makes it easier to clean them as soon as they are taken out of the bag.  Of course, there are some garments, I can't resist and are dry clean only.

Others are getting in on  the thrifting trend and the prices have increased, but still cheaper and often times better than the retail stores.  We don't thrift as often, but when we do, our favorite spot is Savers.  Love that place.

Side story:  was complimented on another jacket I wore and shared my thrifting adventures.  A young lady in the midst of the group became all squeamish and whatnot.  She went into a song & dance that she could never buy second hand clothing that someone else wore.  Well.... well... I had to enlighten ms. squeamish... and asked her.... how many crotches do you think tried those pants you have on .. better yet how many returns after being worn for a day or so ... before you bought them from the retail store.... mmm yeah.

Below are some Great Articles on Thrifting:
Until then,
Have a Great Weekend !


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