Then & Now w/ Butterick 5606

This LBD continues to give my wardrobe life.  Butterick 5606 started out as an infinity dress that I had reservations about once it was completed.

However, I didn't let that keep me from wearing it.  From 2011 to 2016, this dress went through some minor modifications thereby taking it from infinity to simplicity.

At one point the dress was too big and added a casing and elastic for a better fit. Then with some weight gain, the elastic was removed from the front.   Fast forward a year later finally removed the remaining elastic from the back.

NOW 2016 - OOTD

Eclectified it with an animal print blazer & floral shoes

 FROM 2011 to 2015

I have taken this dress & simplified it, making it a true workhorse in my wardrobe.  This pattern is still available and in a simplified form, makes for the perfect summer dress, work dress and even date nite dress... give it a try... it won't disappoint.

Until then,
Have a Great Week


Jean Friday


It's Jean Friday and many enjoy the relaxed dress code.  Yes I am always looking forward to Jean Friday, however, I was not in the mood for jeans.

Just before I pulled on jeans... my eyes & mind shifted to my faux leather dress adorning my dress form... whispering.. do you really want to wear those jeans.......

... and add to the fact that the weather would be a lil more milder than usual...  ignored my jeans and undressed my dress form and.... with all the other fixings I was ready for work... Rocking my urban flair faux leather dress that I'd made for a New Year's party last year

Can you tell I made the right choice on what to wear to work....lol

Ahh the feel of Jean Friday ...

Until then,
Have an Awesome Weekend !!!!


OOTD w/ Butterick 5958 & McCalls 6654

Somehow, somewhere Brown & Red combined got a bad reputation...  and avoided mixing the two for years.  Then last year on a quest to create a vest suit, I came across a few yards of dk brown plaid suiting fabric in my stash.   I decided the color & fabric was perfect for Butterick 5958 & McCalls 6654.  When I'd completed the vest suit, I needed a color that would bring out the other colors in the fabric and the only color that made sense was red.  

THEN 2015

NOW 2016
 I am still loving my brown & red mix...

So, if anyone has been fearful of pairing the two together... don't be afraid.. Rock It
Well not so fast... lol.  The trick to it all is make sure to pair dark brown with a vibrant red and soft brown with a dark red/burgundy .. and there you go....

Until then,
Have a Great Week.


Journal Happiness

Happy Tuesday All and hoping everyone isn't feeling the sleepy burn from daylight saving time!!

Quick post to share, that I am Soooo excited about my latest crafting craze.   I have been elbow deep in making journal/planners and enjoying every minute of it.  Who doesn't like writing, jotting notes, doodling, scheduling... and having it all in one place?

By all means, it is not to say that I don't use other items to keep track of my other goings-ons. However, I do enjoy writing... you know...  pen in hand... words on paper....lol

  My journal/planners are an off-shoot of these and also called Fauxdori.... I call mine, Shedori...lol   Being a paper crafter makes creating jounal/planners even more enjoyable.  Using pretty colored cardstock & some bling from my stash, yields cute and inviting journal inserts that scream write on me.... lol

Well, so do others and just wanted to share the pic love I received from these Beautiful Young Ladies that love my handcrafted journal/planners.

Until then,
Have a Great Day!!!


Faye's Featured Guest

Happy Tuesday Everyone and hoping those in the northern hemisphere are enjoying the Spring like temps.

Just a quick post to share that I was a Guest @ Faye's Sewing Adventures.  What an Honor to be interviewed by none other than Ms. Fabulous Faye.  

Thank You Faye !