McCalls 6744: Then & Now

Just when I was settling for cooler temps... bam... New York is expected to hit the 90s today... can I say enough.... sheesh.

At 10:00a.m., this is what it looks like from our office window... do you see that haze, brazenly obscuring the clarity of the sky.  To add to it the sunlight is beckoning humidity & heat.

To combat the heat while out and about, I donned McCalls 6744 (review here), an easy breezy cotton knit that works well for the lazy days of Summer.

Then May - 2013

June  2013

Of course, I must have my Linus Blanket (a/k/a Blazer) in tow.  To combat the 55 degree-like temps on the train and in the office.

NOW 2014

M6744 is paired with Sears Metaphor Blazer (refashioned to short sleeves) 
9West Peeptoe Pumps & 9West Tote bag

If one is still sewing for Summer and looking for an easy slip on & go dress.  McCalls 6744 is perfect.

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Butterick 5954 Modified

Happy Monday All and hoping all had a Great Weekend.   Can you believe, Summer is winding down and honestly I am so ready for it to be over and looking forward to Fall.  However, I am still sewing for Summer... I know, it seems like an oxymoron.

Of late, I have seen women sporting what I like to call swag tops in sheer fabric... it's so in tune with Summer, flowy & ethereal.  Knew I had to have this top in my summer wardrobe, I mean really, how can I not, I was gobsmacked with inspiration.

 Two patterns came to mind to make this top part of my summer wardrobe.  Butterick 5954 and Butterick 6065.  Of
course, I went against the suggested fabric and used a black polyester chiffon that I purchased at 123 Fabrics.

B5954 had the swag overlay and B6065 had the fit that I wanted.   B5954 was not going to work as pictured on the envelope, clearly too much swing for my swag....lol.   I cut B5954 front piece at the largest size (Med.), placed B6065 on top and modified it for a closer fit.  Of course, this morphing required some finagling in that I had to make sure that while using B6065 as my template for streamlining B5954, I had to keep measuring the pieces to make sure the front pieces overlapped enough.  Repeated the process for the back pattern piece as well, which was a snap, twirl & twist easy part.  With my finagling, I removed a lot of the swing from B5954 and shortened it too and totally omitted the cowl neck.  All the seams were serged and seam allowances topstitch down.

Once I'd measure like 5 times & cut, the assembling was smooth sailing.  I looked at B5954 instructions, however, I went my own way in constructing it.  Wherein the instructions have you attach the front pieces to the back at the shoulder seams then finish the front edges.  I on the other hand focused on edge finishing the front edges first, then attaching the back at the shoulder seams.

I am guessing the reason for attaching the fronts to the back at the shoulder seams first, is to finish the front edges and back hemline in one continuous flow.

 Finished the neckline by machine basting the two overlay front layers together and then used steam-a-seam around the whole neckline and folded in twice and final stitched.  I will say it was a slow & tedious process, since I did not serge the raw edges of the neckline, I had to ensure that the raw edges were encased in the second fold over.  With the top near completion, it was time to insert the sleeves, which gave me a run for my money.  I added 1/4" to the sleeve cap, since I'd shaped B5954 armholes to B6065 and ended up having to shear off that same amount , then re-inserted, then rip out the stitching, and then run two rows of baste stitching to gather it and was only then able to insert the sleeves.

B5954 is paired with a Chadwick Blazer refashioned to short sleeves, 
Loft Striped Linen pants & Lela Rose T-Strap Sandals.

Sheepishly, I must say that this top has been worn 3 times since I made it a week & half ago.  Although this top is trendy, and has that here today and gone tomorrow factor, by modifying it, it works well with my suits and if I can pair a trendy top with my suits/or jackets its a win win situation..

Until then
Have a Fabulous Week.


TNT Then & Now

There is something to be said about an investment garment ....classic design, good fabric, versatile, great fit, makes you feel good and last but not least stands the test of time.  I try to avoid throwaway fashion, here today and gone next year and tend to stick to garments that will work well in my wardrobe over time and offer versatility.

In comes my all time favorite, the wrap dress.  I've made at least a dozen of them and they continue to give me a good return on my sewing time and money... so yes, my wrap dresses have been anointed the investment garment status.

This dress was made back in 2012 ... fairly young, but for the last 2 years has shown that it is an investment garment, wears well after a 12 hour day, versatile and has awesome washing machine stamina.

Then 2012

Now 2014

Investment garments don't have to be your standard black tailored suit or lil black dress.  A great print paired with a classic design works just as well.

Of course, I am not afraid to revitalize an investment garment, who is to say that it can't be done.  If your investment garment has good bones, but needs revitalizing.. . Assess It, Cut It, Sew It  Rock It.

Until then...

Have a Great Week


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