Mccalls 6842

I'd purchased a yoke waist skirt back in 2013 and loved the flirty style of it.  Thereafter, purchased Mccalls 6842 pattern  to make one.

Fast forward to Spring 2016 and finally cut the pattern, version C.  Then cut into my luxurious teal double knit fabric that I'd purchased from Beautiful Fabrics, Bklyn, N.Y. several years ago.  However, time got the best of me and it just sat, then it was summer.  Decided it was best to put it away for a later time.

After swapping out my summer wardrobe for fall/winter gear, I came across the rtw skirt I'd purchased.  Then remembered the pattern.  Had to reacquaint myself with the instructions and thereafter proceeded with construction.  This is an easy pattern and even more easy since I used a double knit fabric.

I didn't want the high yoke as depicted and shortened it 3-1/2".   I also shortened the length of the yoga waistband, since I opted out of the zipper, basically going for a pull-on skirt.  All the seams were serged... talk about a clean cut sew.  The hemline was folded to the inside and fused with heatn'bond.  Buuuut, then I got this creative notion and wanted a dress.

Had a cute top for it and the print & colors paired perfectly.  This was an easy modification.  Cut the bottom of the top to desired length and with right sides together serged top to waist of skirt... donedotcom.

Got the 2 piece look in one.  I wear tank tops throughout the year.  Topping it off with the perfect fall/winter jacket looking all comfy and snug will leave others clueless ... lest you take it off...lol  Since I have those moments and start to overheat... its imperative that I cool down immediately...  hence wearing tank tops throughout the year.

Of course, my signature style is rocking blazers... popped on this moto wax denim jacket which is a fall/winter proof staple in my wardrobe.  Moto jackets exude that of-the-moment-look, where you are just feeling stylishly chic in a corporate kinda way.

Until then,
Have a Great Week !


Butterick 4976 Refashioned

Ahhh when your love for a dress has come to an end... circa 2009

Butterick 4976 has served me well since 2009, especially during the fall and winter months.  This dress was perfect for pairing with blazers and vests or donning different belts.

Fast forward 7 years and its time... the dress is a lil too big and I'm just not feeling the love of the dress like I use to.  Also there are so many new dresses that I've made and in love with so, it's time for a refashion to give it new life.

At some point the sleeves on the dress were cut to short sleeve and then later on I removed them entirely.   I cut the dress just above the waist seam line and removed 1/2" from both side seams.

Used left-over black stretch faux leather for the waistband, which I cut 1" shorter than my waist and 2.5" high.

Fold the waistband in half with wrong sides together and pinned to the right side of the skirt's waist and serged.... Done.

A new life with an old garment.... The skirt will be perfects with boots, vest or blazer over a top... makes me a happy camper..

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend!


Making Old New Again - Refashions

Totally loving all that is refashion right now.  The joy of adding new pieces to my work wear is always a win win.

This sweater to skirt which I posted about here...  is so comfortable and perfect for fall/winter.  Of course, it will be paired with a blazer at some point...lol    After refashioning the sweater, my mind is overflowing with other ideas for refashioning sweaters.  Seriously, one can't go wrong at $4.99.

My next refashion was inspired by a photo I saw via Style Bubble, a blazer with sweater sleeves... swoon... had to make one.

Initially, I was going to go with this thrifted blazer that I purchased at Savers for $9.99 and add knit sleeves.  But after washing it and air dry... I just couldn't, the fit is perfect and I have orphan beige slacks that pairs awesomely with it.

So back to Savers I went and lucked upon this beautiful 100% wool cranberry-red Ralph Lauren Blazer.  The jacket length is longer than I like, but the fit was too good to pass up and initially thinking I would shorten it.

and this cute turtleneck sweater... and the stripes pushed me over the edge.  Knew it would be perfect with the blazer.   

First order of business was machine wash, air dry and press.  Then removed the sleeves and scavenged the sleeve buttons.   I get a joy out of deconstructing, because I get to see what was used to stabilize and construct the garment.  This jacket had the works.. interfacing, sleeve head, double layer shoulder pads.. the works.

The back has a back stay and the fronts and sides were interfaced...

Had to gut the shoulder area... just too much bulk, but left the interfacing.

Thereafter, it was smooth sailing.  I cleaned up the armholes after removing the unnecessary stuff and inserted the sweater sleeves.  Machine basted to check fit

Sleeve insertion was good and straight stitched and serged sleeves in.

I also encased the seam allowance with black fold-over elastic.

After trying it on, decided that I could live with the length of the blazer.. or until I think it needs to be re-refashion...lol

Well, there you have it... a funky fun blazer ....

Until then,

Have a Great Weekend !


In the Throes of Refashioning

I am part of Sew Much Talent Thrift Store Remake Challenge over on Facebook which is so fitting, since I love to refashion.  I must admit that my refashions have always been minimal, so this challenge is just what I need to get out of my minimal refashion rut.

The rules of the challenge is to spend $25.00 on thrift store items and refashion it. One of my thrift store purchases was an argyle pullover sweater for $4.99.

Love me some argyle and this Sweater is perfect for making a skirt.  I followed Trevor Loves Mommy tutorial.

The sweater was washed and air dried.  I used a skirt that I made previously as my template for cutting out the sweater skirt and the same for the lining.

The side seams were serged and had to straighten out the curvature of the skirt length, then straight stitch.  Basted the lining to the skirt at the waist.

Pressed the side seams..

Attached a 1.5" non-roll elastic to the skirt waist and hemmed the lining.  What remains is flipping the elastic to the inside and stitching it down and another pressing.

I am auditioning the skirt to pair with a pullover over lace top that I refashioned by removing the sleeves and replacing with knit sleeves.

As of now I am deliberating over whether I should splice the center front of the pullover to create a cardigan or just leave as is...  feel free to share your thoughts ......

Until then,
Have a Great Week !


Refashion Sweater to Jacket

My love of refashioning started 20+ years ago.  I attended a lot of formal events and refused or more likely didn’t want to be caught wearing the same garment as someone else.   I would go to the garment district and purchase one of their sample sale suits,  gowns or dresses.  Make a pit stop at M&J trimming and with my loot of trims, headed home to refashion.

I've continued my love of refashioning and love looking in my closet and admiring the new life that I have created with an old garment or a basic rtw piece.  Of course, over the years some garments have become a casualty of war, retired or donated.

My refashioning also spilled over when my daughter was a wee-one and growing faster than I could blink my eyes.  With that, I quickly took a stance that her old uniforms and some of her garments could work not only for school, but weekends and summertime too.  Most of her growing & sprouting was height wise, so her uniform blouses/top were cut to short sleeves and her pants/jeans to shorts.

Fast forward and I am still at it.  My refashions are minimal, and like to think they pack a punch when done.   Let’s take my most recent refashion.

I must admit that when I initially purchased this $3.00 sweater it was for hats and guess in my haste actually thought the print were flowers.  However, once it was laid out my mind started ticking... and tick it did.

I like the heftiness of the sweater and thought a cute jacket would make a better refashion.  I tried the sweater on and marked where I wanted to cut, then proceeded to cut at the waist and center front.  To give the jacket a lil varsity style I added navy blue stretch faux leather (Spandex World)  

Had to give the faux leather a lil press with a pressing cloth to knock out the wrinkles

Cut two 1-1/2" strips for the front raw edges and a 6" band for the bottom.  Straight stitched the faux leather strips to the raw edges with right sides together and folded to the inside and final stitched.  The bottom band was fold and serged to the raw hem of the sweater.  

Wrong side out
  Sweater is a Marisa Christina - Hand knitted

Right side of Sweater

For the closures went with black gunmetal heavy duty dritz snaps (Joanns).
This jacket worked up beautifully, however, in need of sleep, but compelled to push on with the refashion, the snaps are on the wrong side.  Buuuuut, it works even with that hiccup... and call this jacket.. the fruits of my labor...lol

I also made a matching skirt from the leftover stretch faux leather with McCalls 6654.  Modified the skirt by adding inseam pockets from New Look 6351 and also added a yoga waistband.

This is my continued love of twin sets....

Nothing like a refashion that is easy and adds variety to my work wear.

Until then,

Have a Great Week !!