Athleisure wear w/ Butterick 5606

Happy Sunday Everyone !!

With the weather being so blissfully comfortable, I ventured out and about.

The temperature is a bit cooler than Friday and a jacket was actually needed.  Yes... a jacket.

My Saturday plan was to begin working on a shirt for my guy, got the pattern out, one of his favorite rtw shirts to compare, fabric and that all went to the wayside.

When I was asked if I wanted to ride shotgun... all things relevant to sewing went out the window.  Thank goodness my hair was in a state of readiness...lol, grabbed my most recently washed TnT make... Butterick 5606 from the dry rack, slipped on my skips and grabbed a jacket.  Paused for a minute and said what the heck, just slap on some lipstick.

This pattern has been my go-to TnT since 2011 (posted about here, here, here, here, here... can't forget this one... and here ) and although its taped to the nth degree it's still going strong...lol.

I love a simple silhouette, it makes for getting ready easy and if I want to go all glam-style, that simple silhouette can perform accordingly.

Since I have come to love the whole athleisure trend... yes, I've mentioned that I am not a trendy gal.  However, Butterick 5606 fits the criteria for athlesiure wear, yes, this dress has been worn to workout in and I have gone to the store wearing it too.  The simple silhouette makes for a perfect workout gear by just donning shorts underneath and it's good to go.  Another note to mention, I tried heels on with it and ummm yeah it would be the perfect dress for a nigh-out-on-the-town.

Again, I will say I am truly not a trendy fashionista, I need my garments to provide sustainable fashion.  It needs to be here today, yesterday and later down the road.

Yes, the print is out-there, but sista-girl will tone it down with a tailored jacket & pumps with a quickness.

This modified butterick 5606 consist of just 2 pieces front and back, how can one go wrong. What I will say is it was all wrong when I made it initially, just too much going on.  However, I was able to look past that and it has worked ever since.

Simple lines also allow for easy tweaking, I've found that using the same fabric a knit, will not always yield the same result thereby prompting in some cases minor tweaking.  Again, being able to do minor tweaking without reinventing the wheel is always a plus for me. Some minor tweaking may involve a dart here or, taking a deeper shoulder seam there, adding a lil ease here, shortening the length there, but its not major.  More reason why I love this pattern.  After working out in it, I didn't like the foldover elastic around the armhole and cut it off and simply serged with 1/2" elastic and folded to the inside and final stitched.... ahhhh much better.

If one is looking for a dress pattern with simple lines... can be worn for workingout with shorts underneath, with ballet flats for a funky fun summer look, rocked with heels & blingy jewels for a night-on-the-town and lastly for a casual look, check out Butterick 5606, it's worth it.

Last but not least.... I have 2 yards remaining of this fabric, if interested check out my etsy shop. If you are not an etsy member, email me and we can go from there with a discount included.

Until then, 
Have an Awesome Sunday !!!


McCalls 7446

Happy Saturday  !!!

OmG... the temps in the N.Y. this morning is glorious.  So much cooler than yesterday, which hit the 90s, it was brutal and to think it's just the beginning.  I usually don't do well in heat, however, being out and about in it is a necessary evil.

Now that I've recovered from yesterday's heatwave, I am ready to get started on my next sewing project.  Another activewear garment... McCalls 7446...

Since, I enjoyed working out in and wearing McCalls 7578 out & about, I am thirsty for another activewear dress.  Can't recall when I purchased this pattern and didn't notice the tunic version in this pattern.  While putting away some patterns, I noticed the tunic version and schelleped it back to my sewing room.  Although Version D is a tunic, I would like to lengthen it for a tennis like dress.

Loving the color blocking options and have another novelty stretch fabric to use for this project. However, I need to decide on which solid color I want to pair, currently I have two colors, lime green and yellow.  Also need to decide where I want to place the printed fabric.

I am in the process of revamping my sewing room and found more quilted novelty stretch poly/cotton which is light and airy.  The print is 58" on 60" fabric, I love the digital dye sublimation print.  It washed and air dried nicely, no ironing necessary.

I have 4 yards of this fabric and only washed 2 yards of it.  The remainder has not been pre-treated.  I will be putting the remaining 2 yards in my Etsy Shop for sale @  $7.00/yd + S&H later today.  If interested can  also email me at sheilaz457-at-gmail-dotcom.

This fabric has the ability to make one use their most creative powers and create something fun.

For the remainder of my 2 yards I will make shorts... yeah ... shorts, nothing like rocking a funky fun print...lol

As I continue revamping my fabric room & stash, I will be posting more fabric for sale... so stay tuned.

Until then,
Have a Great Weekend !


McCalls 7578

Hiiiiiiiiiiiii.... Happy Friday !!!!

I am ready for the weekend and this is the last weekend before my B-day.... I am so looking forward to having major fun.

My sister, who is the party gal has already informed me that I betta .. yes she said betta not have no sewing going on when she get here next Friday...lol

Last year I was able to escape the b-day escapade, and did something small.  This year for the big five-four, she is not having it !!!!

So I need to get all my sewing in before then... even my moma said if I find you in that upper room...weeees going to have some problems..lol

So, I need to get my sewing on now and in comes McCalls 7578...

My activewear sewing is still going strong and needed something other than leggings and top.  This dress is perfect.

I was a lil intimidated with the construction, but after reading, re-reading and re-reading I went ahead and dived in.  I went with my moma's mantra, there is only 2 things you can do... f*ck it up or fix it. That was her favorite words growing up when one of us was faced with a dilemma.  Trust and believe 99.9% we got it fixed..lol

Fabric used is a red cotton knit from walmart and a novelty cotton knit from sav-a-thon.  I cut a size 14 for the body and 12 for the neckline and armholes.  Constructing the  body was easy, however, not sure if it was me, but the upper side fronts and back were not the same width as the lower front and back.  But trust and believe with my moma's mantra in my head... I fixed it with a quickness.  Straight stitched and serged the seam allowances.

Now the neckband was a lil tricky, I believe I spent more time figuring out how to construct the dang thing.  I found the instructions a lil confusing, but after sleeping on it and remembering moma's F rules, got it fixed.  The neckband calls for some hand stitching and was initially put off about it, but after trying it on mid way, I was all for it.

I've already tested it out during my workout and its perfect.

If I had to pin point the confusion, I was trying to figure out how to finish the armholes once the neckband was on, but after re-reading the instructions slowly... it clearly indicated to finish armholes before attaching neckband,  I think the idea of not being able to sew next week has got my mind a lil twisted...lol

For the armholes I serged and folded to the inside and final stitched.... ask me what was I confused about... mmmm ... my sista got me under pressure....lol

Serged the raw hemline and final stitched.  I loooooooooooove this dress and will definitely make another one.  If you don't know me.... I am a Pattern Repeater...lol

This lil number has been worn out and about, it's so comfortable and makes the perfect summer dress.  Actually, I was thinking of dismissing the b-day outfit I plan to make and instead make another mccalls 7578.  The weather has finally warmed up considerably and this is perfect.

Until then, 
Have a Great Friday !!!!


Then 2009 & Now 2017 w/ Simplicity 2850

Happy Thursday All,

As all may know by now I love when my clothes keep on giving and Simplicity 2850 is another one.

This blouse was made during one of my sew-sista, Faye of Faye's Sewing Adventures' sew-along (posted about here).

I love a good sew-along, it gives one an opportunity to fill any holes one may have in their wardrobe. Her sew-alongs offer so much inspiration and motivation.  I am one of them that start off with a particular pattern in mind and then bam, once the other participants start posting their patterns, I am off on a tangent and rummaging through my pattern stash... lol

What has made her sew-alongs sew much fun, is when I can fast forward several years and I am still wearing the garment.

   2009                                            2017

I take my wardrobe to heart, I don't play... when I do my seasonal wardrobe evaluation, I assess what needs to go, stay and can be refashioned.  As you can see this top remained and the sleeves were shortened.  It's has remained one of my favorite weekend tops, throw it on and go.  What I will say is the jeans have seen better days tho'.  I've had them for at least 11 years and they are worn and the fabric is almost akin to chambray thickness, thin and a lil too big.  Buuuuuut, they are sooooo comfy and the perfect garment for running to the store or just hanging out around the house.  

This pic was taken in 2010 during one of PatternReview's Meet-up in Philly.  I had a great day with my sew-sista Andrea of Knit-Knac and so many of the other ladies. Matter of fact, Andrea was with me when I purchased the fabric at Metro-Textiles, back in 2008 and said...  gurrrl what are you going to do with that print..lol

Well 8 years later and it's still going strong... who knows, the next time you see it, it may be sleeveless....lol.

Until then,
Have a Great Day !!


Butterick 5672 Lace Dress

Hello Everyone ! 

Sharing another of what I like to call sustainable fashion garment... Modified Butterick 5672 Then & Now.

 As I've mentioned before, I love sustainable fashion.  It just continues to give and give and works seamlessly for any occasion.  It's just a matter of playing up the accessories or playing it down with little to no accessories, casual foot wear and topper.

What really makes this garment sustainable is the simple silhouette that is flattering and practical.  No woman should be without a sheath dress because its versatility is unmatched.

This dress over the years has been paired with a blazer, cardigan, moto jacket and even a jean jacket and love how it worked so well with each pairing. Rocked with high heels, ballet slips and even sneakers.

Fast forward to 2017  and this lace sheath dress is still in-the-now.  I just love the drama of the see-through effect especially when the underlayer is another color. 

After wearing this dress, my sewing mind has been conjuring up lace pants.  Yes, I know its not something one would consider sustainable fashion...lol.  However, having a unique piece in my wardrobe is an added bonus.  Of course, nothing scandalous, but wide leg pants with a contrasting underlayer would be so sharp!

Thinking even further, lace pants with a cold shoulder top would make a fabulous ensemble  for my B-day !  Off to ponder this some more....

Until then,
Have a Great Day !!!