Autumn Coat Progress

Slowly moving along with this project... I have done the collar... and now working on the sleeves... really anxious to get to a fabric store... would like to put a lining in it... in the hopes that it would give it more structure... but want a really cool fabric.. something along the same color scheme... putting in a lining will definitely be a challenge for me.. as I have only lined handbags... so I will be crossing my fingers on the next stage of this project... I also need to decide what kind of buttons would work with this... decisions... decisions... (talking about decisions... oh jeez... Mother's Day is tomorrow and I haven't done any shopping... sheila stop the presses and get the getting...)

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Jamie said...

this is great - I'm trying to do something similar for my daughter but cannot, for the life of me, settle on how to go about attaching a fabric lining to a crocheted jacket. Do you have any pointers?