Safari Crop Sweater UFO

Bold: audacious, awless, courageous, and daring.

Bold is where I am going with this piece, using Caron Simply Soft Bone and Chocolate yarn. As I finished the body of the sweater... I decided I wanted to do something a lil different... and opted to use bold stripes to set this project apart from the others that I have done. The set-in sleeve was a challenge... oh boy... was it a challenge.. I had to undo the seam at least three times before I got it right. Now, I know why I like to work straight from armholes. Well, Ms. Mannequin will sport this unfinished piece until I get up the strength to do the second sleeve.... so stay tuned.


Deneen said...

Oh that's cute! Funny how now you are working on a scarf, working on a different sleeve pattern, etc. The pattern writing is annoying, no? Sometimes you just need to step away a bit.

Anonymous said...

Actually, that one sleeve look is kinda hot, but I can definitely see it with both sleeves, too. Good luck!

Madelyn said...

Awesome, I love the design.

I know pattern writing isn't easy. Good luck with it and don't give up. I think the first one will be the hardest to complete. If you ever need a tester just yell.

DebVA said...

Thank goodness for creative folks like you. I just pick up a pattern & go but I'm seeing there's alot of thought that goes into pattern making. It looks great!

Renee said...

I think the striped sleeve really makes the sweater! Looks great!

Kimberly said...

Tuned-in for what I know will be great!

You've got skills. Don't let get frustrated. Just trust what you know and try things new if you feel ready.

We all know you can do it!