DPNs, BOs & Holding Stitches… Whew!

Well I’m still working on my tank and I’ve managed to start the back armhole shaping. I knew there was a reason why I like to crochet the armholes and neck shaping, because knitting them is an acrobatic stunt…lol.

When I opt to crochet armholes and do neck shaping I just bind-off the whole project and pick-up stitches with my crochet hook and sail along from there… easy as pie. Well, I decided this project was going to be ALL about knitting and truly learning how to shape and bind-off strictly with knitting, so I started the bind-off to separate the back and front. After binding off the required stitches, for a nano-second I was stumped… then figured it out and moved on. (In the process I also learned why I kept ending up with purl stitches in my other projects when it should’ve been knit sts…)

Now, its time to continue armhole shaping and shape the neck simultaneously… What!!!! the X#$*^ - I was like oh darn… why didn’t I just do crochet....lol. After k 17 sts – attach 2nd ball and BO 26 center sts – k to end. I sat there staring at the garment saying now how in the world am I suppose to do all that….lol.

Again, I strained my brain and was like ok… add’l needles are in order... and pulled out my dpns. Mind you I still had my option needles dangling from the front section holding those stitches, and a dpn on each side of the back of the garment, and using straight needles to continue working the straps.

Please tell me there’s a better way!!!!!!
BTW... I tried it on and man-o-man... the yarn feels sooooo good against my skin and it miraculously fits well.


Christie said...

Wait...I'm confused. Why do you have to work both sides of the front at the same time? Why can't you work one side, then the other? That's just too many needles and too many balls of yarn.

Adrienne said...

Why are you having to work both sides?!?

Adrienne said...

lol at the same time lol

Virtuous said...

I know what you have to do and I had to do that for the back of my Sugar' N Spice project.

I can't wait to see it on you! Which knowing you will be very soon! :op

Anonymous said...

Ditto Christie. Try doing one side at a time & putting the other side's stitches on a stitch holder if needed. It looks good, though! You are really figuring things out.

anna said...

wow, you did some great innovative work with this. pulling out the dpns is a must in this situation!!!

Sheila said...

Thanks all. I'm glad I finally got to use the dpns... b/c it took me the longest to figure what the heck dpn stood for....lol