Sewing Divas Please Step Forward....

I need your expert opinions/suggestions.

I am working on New Look 6571 pattern, which consist of a dress, cami, skirt, top, and belt in sizes 8-18, I did size 14 in version D and using what I guess is a sheer novelty knit fabric. I managed to get the pattern cut, doubled the front pieces and baste stitched it together.

Question 1: What stitch setting would be best for this material.

Question 3: What could I do to strengthen the seams.

Question 4: What's the best way to do the sleeves.

Thank You.


Virtuous said...

If only I knew something about sewing! LOL :op

Cas... said...

Good Luck dear! I wish I could help!

Adrienne said...

When you say what's the best way to do the sleeves, what exactly do you mean?

Sheila said...

Thanks for posting.

@Adrienne - I've never done sleeves and I guess the question is should I seam up the sleeve first and then sew it to the top.

Tany said...

Sheila, do you own a serger? If not the better stitch setting will be a very narrow and long zigzag stitch (if not the stitch will break when you stress the seams; the zigzag provides a little give); the best way to set in sleeves for a knit is first sew the shoulder seams, then sew the sleeve to the armhole (side seams and sleeve seams are open at this point) and then sew the side seam and the sleeve seam all in one step. I hope this helps, good luck!