StoryBoard for June Capsule Contest

Here is my capsule collection storyboard - Playin' it Neutral

I have 2 jackets and 2 dresses posted, because I'm unsure which one I will eventually sew. So for now, I figured I'd put them up and let them marinate....lol

Wrap Top: beige knit (Kwik Sew 2694)

Skirt: Beige/white seersucker (New Look 6843)

Dress: watercolor beige - Polyester (Simplicity 2938 or Simplicity 2975)

Jacket: Taupe Cotton Twill (Kwik Sew 3427 or Simplicity 2975)

Slacks: Yellow/white stripe on dk taupe - Stretch Cotton (Simplicity 2938 )

Belt: not sure if I will make one or buy one.
Alternate Color: Red or Yellow / Knits (Top or Dress)

Close-up of the Fabrics


Adrienne said...

Very cute! Good luck!!!

toy said...

looks good, hope you get it all complete on time

Lashell said...

Can' wait to see how everything turns out. The fabrics you are using are so pretty

Kelroc said...

Your storyboard is nice. The accent colors of Red and Yellow was two colors I thought would go great with your fabric selections. Good Luck

Angelia said...

This is going to be a nice little wardrobe. Time to get to work Sheila!

And isn't the hoop fun!! I can do a few tricks now.. but learning them... I have hit myself in the head, bruised my waist and my hand!!!
My hoop I have been very entertaining to the Bald Man!! LOL!

gold said...

You are going to look fabulous in those outfits!Love the fabric!Good luck!!!!:)

gold said...

I am enjoying the music you have on your blog!
That fabric and the patterns you picked out are going to look good together!

Cheryl Wray said...

This looks great!! (You creative seamstresses amaze me!!)

Mary Sarah said...

I'm catching up on blogs. Your capsule is gonna be great! Love the patterns and fabric you have picked out. You've got me thinking about this. It'd be fun to join in ... I'll thing some more.

Tany said...

Good plan! I wish you luck on the contest!

urbanknitrix said...

I love the colors, can't wait to see the results. Good luck!!!

Cennetta said...

Very nice wardrobe design.