Finally a Maxi-Dress a/k/a Patio Dress

Everyone is making them, they look fussless, feminine, graceful and versatile. I made one for my daughter and she looked fantastic in it. Now it was time for me to try one, but unlike my daughter I am shorter, bigger and large busted and had to be mindful of certain things. I used New Look 6774, which offers several bodice variations. I selected A+K, which has the bandeau bodice with straps. It really should’ve been A+J+K, but totally forgot about the midriff band… oh well next time around.

The pattern was easy to follow. I cut the bodice in a size 18 and the skirt in a 16, but ended up removing 5” from the skirt to avoid the tent-like effect and didn't want to be swamped by the fabric due to my short frame. Also, when working with woven fabric I always cut larger pattern pieces, and tweak for a smaller size and ended up removing about a 1/2" from the bodice .

For the bodice I underlined it with the fashion fabric and since the skirt circumference was totally off due to removing 5” of fabric, I did a little gathering at the bottom of the bodice to compensate for it. I experienced some gapping at the neckline and decided to use ¾” elastic instead, which omitted the use of a zipper. So instead of stepping into my dress, I will be pulling it over my head, which works just as good.
The bottom was serged and folded to the underside and final stitched.

Here's a close-up of the bodice with the elastic. I also played with it by tucking the straps inside and it looks much better as a strapless dress (something to think about).

Once all was completed, I tried it on and was somewhat feeling that it looked too much like a mu-mu, but once I put it on with heels, it look more presentable, will try to make a necklace to pair with it.

Will definitely make more and will try it in a knit as well for a more drapey look. As always while browsing at The Loft, there are several dresses along the same line and can see making short ones too for wearing at the office paired with a blazer or cardigan. All in all I can see getting great mileage out of this pattern.

Hope to have a pic soon.


New Look 6875

I was visiting my favorite store, The Loft last week and was totally feeling their Scoopneck Tees and with the temperatures warming up this week I decided I had to find a pattern to pair with my white pant before falling prey to purchasing. I used New Look 6875, Misses Knit Top, Skirts and Pants and sheer stretch printed knit. I'd purchased the fabric about a year ago initially intended to make a dress, but once I got home I wasn't sure the fabric would work for a dress and just added it to my accumulating fabric stash.

I really like the simplicity of the top and its similarity to the top I looked at in The Loft and knew I would really enjoy not spending $44.5o for it.

The top went together quickly and done in an evening (my favorite sewing projects). Looked at the instructions once and took off from there. I serged all the seams and always like the one piece neck binding. I'd cut a medium, but once I'd serged the shoulder and side seams and tried it on it was too big and removed about 5/8, since I was really looking for a more fitted top. The finished bust measurement for a medium is 39-1/2, which is 1/2" less than my measurements, but guessing the fabric dictated the excess ease. The sleeves were sewn in the round and could've been at least an 1" longer. For the hems, I serged the edges and fold to the wrong side and final stitched. Note to self, to remove a few inches from the neckline the next time around, there was some cleavage going on when I wore it, but it was all good.
Final result, wore it and really like the fit and paired with my white pant was perfect for a causal Friday.


Cardigan Trend

I thinks Mrs. O done started somethin'.... I am in the office and literally every other female in here has on a cardigan from short ones to long ones.

Two weeks ago my daughter asked me to pick up a few cardigans from the Loft and luckily they were on sale. Since then she has been crooning how much she likes them. As an after thought, I then went to the attic and pull out several that I had, and to my surprise, I was able to hand over quite a few of them to her. Of course, we had to do some shrinkage by washing them and daringly placing them in the dryer.

Here she is sporting one of them and calls this look her Mrs. O moment w/a Twist...lol

My daughter proceeded to tell me why cardigans are the bomb-diggidy (thinking to self: ummm... didn't I just give you a dozen of them...). She continues on with it's a great way to put a lil ump in her wardrobe and being able to escape the blazer/jacket mode and dabble in brite colors and still have that Mrs. O look. Further stating that she likes that she can pair a cardigan with many items in her closet, from tank top with jeans to cardigan over a dress. Finally, ending with you can't go wrong you can dress it up or dress it down making the cardigan the ultimate versatile garment.

Now she wants long ones, and a few printed ones. Ummm yeah... so I need to find some patterns to make her some. Any suggestions?

Check out this Clip (Courtesy of Jkaori)... who would've thunk it...

What is your take on the Cardigan Trend? Do you wear them? Have you made any?

Here is a parting shot of her with the cardigan slung over her shoulder... I forgot to ask her when I took this pic is this another Mrs. O moment with a twist...haha


Simplicity 2638

Simplicity 2638: Misses Maxi Dress.
The pattern calls for cottons, blends, silky and gauze fabrics and instead I used a floral print knit fabric that I'd purchased from Joann's. The pattern envelope reads - "It's So Easy It's Simplicity"... and its right on point. The garment went together effortlessly and all seams were serged. What I really like about the dress is the gracious neckline... its not too deep, but just right without the usual fuss of wearing a camisole underneath.

My daughter mentioned that she likes the versatility of the maxi dress. That she can wear it formal or casual with the use of different accessories. One of the main accessories she has going right now are the 25 pairs of flip flops she owns and how she could use a few more dresses to pair her flip flops with... haha

Instead of cutting her usual size 10, I cut a size 8 for the bodice to accommodate for the positive ease in the fabric. The pattern calls for a center back seam for a zipper & button and since I was using knit fabric, I omitted the center back seam & zipper and cut the back piece on the fold. For the skirt portion I cut a size 6 and still ended up cutting more from the skirt portion since she didn't want too much fullness and also didn't want the gathers. I did not line the bodice, and instead just underlined the front & back midriff with the fashion fabric. For the neckline and armhole edges, I serged and folded to the wrong side twice and final stitched. Final modification was adding 2" to the bottom of the skirt.

Although I had to do some modifications, they were minor and the garment went together perfectly.


Aleita Shell Fiasco...

My knitting mojo finally returned and I selected a vest pattern from IK Spring 2008 Issue, the Aleita Shell by Bonnie Marie Burns. I love wearing vests, its something about them that gives such a crisp look to a top & pant or top & skirt ensemble. They are great in that you can wear them into different seasons and works well alone or with other pieces. I'd envision sewing up a blouse to pair with the vest once it was completed. The pattern calls for Plymouth Linen Isle yarn, but I substituted the yarn, primarily due to wanting to use what was in my stash. I'd purchased a bag of 70% baby alpaca/30% cashmere over a year ago from Yarn Paradise, and decided it was time to use it and after getting the right gauge, dove right in. Honestly, I thought it would be finished in a timely manner while the temperature was still hoovering in the low 60's, but no. Why....... I ran out of yarn, I thought I had it all figured out. I was nearly 6-7" away from finishing when the unbelievable happened - not enough yarn to complete the project.......uggh

This was how far I got after working the garment in the round and dividing for the front & back.
Front View
Back View
Looked through my yarn stash in the hopes of finding a misplaced ball, but no luck... then the symptoms started shock, denial, and anger. After a good night's sleep, the next day, I went to Seaport yarn in a final attempt to find yarn that was at least close in fiber and color. Andrea at SY had suggested if I double Galler Prime Alpaca yarn it was the closest I was going to get and settled on that. Of course, some of the symptoms returned when she kindly pointed out that I needed to rip back to the row before the ribbing and also loud and clear pointed out my mistakes and more reason for me to rip back... (...eyebrowed was arched super high).

Later that day I attended the Seaport Yarn Knitting circle and sat among the lovely people as they talked and knit/crochet their projects while I sat there fighting with myself about how I could work the new yarn in without ripping back. Of course Andrea, made it a point to keep saying "She's Not Going To Rip Back"... at one point I was giving her that look... say it one more time and I will...... but then remembered earlier that she had offered to rip back for me and knowing that she was saying it in a helpful way. Also, I realized after listening to the others that if I were to pick-up where I left off, the new yarn would begin in a not so nice place. So I looked at a photo that I'd taken of my earlier progress and knew that it would be best to just rip back.
Went home and began the tedious task of ripping back and at the same time hearing Andrea's words... She's Not Going To Rip Back....which was sounding like chalk against a blackboard... and forced me to grab the scissors and cut the yarn something fierce. Despite the stabbing steeking I did, I didn't use a lifeline since the stitches were simple and did not have to worry about losing my place like I would if I was working a complicated chart.
I knew the sooner I rip back the sooner the words would stop ringing in my ears and sure enough it did. Here is the results from ripping back..... (sigh of relief..........)

This is where I am now after incorporating the new yarn which is a tad bit darker, but will do. Honestly, there is not much to see, but I was able to get some knitting done while attending the Long Island Knitting & Crochet Guild Outing at Eisenhower Park yesterday. Seriously... if I wasn't running my mouth and having such a good time I would have a considerable amount done. Now that the weather is warming up this project will be completed and saved for the fall. and after all has been said and done at least I ripped back... DO YOU HEAR that Andrea............lol


Happy Birthday Dear Daughter!

21 years old and oh how fast time flies...

A precious little flower that is in constant bloom
I watch as yet another milestone around the corner looms.
It seems like only yesterday that we shared a breath.

A tiny little angel thats always in flight as soon as you came into my life you brought me so much light.

Your beauty is so stunning your smile makes me melt I'm so proud to be your mommy.
It's the best I've ever felt.
Oh perfect little princess with you I'm so in love that every night before I dream I thank the Lord above.

How did I get so lucky to have as sweet of a gift as you

If ever you should need me..... there's nothing I wouldn't do.

My lil princess has been crocheting a her heart out... Check out her latest skirt and dress creations....