I'm Baaaaack

and had an Awesome Week in Las Vegas!

However, I am still recuperating.... I believe I slept about 4 hours each day, so one can imagine what my waking hours entailed, eating, walking, drinking, gambling, more drinking, gambling and more eating.  I will say a week was all I could endure, any longer and I would've been a walking zombie for sure.

I didn't return home with any winnings, since the money I won went back into the slot machines...

I ventured outside at  night once while there.... seriously...  everything I wanted was inside..

The inside provided the feeling of being outside and I could be found walking and marveling at the prettiness of it all.

What does one do when tired of walking around... make a pit stop for a drink & music...

My eating was non-stop...

Of course, there was shopping... well mostly souveniers

You know I had to venture over to North Las Vegas to JoAnns...lol

What is a vacation without a few character sightings....

Drooled over the architectural details... niches, ceiling medallions, domes,  and columns

Again, a beautiful week and had an awesome time.

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Some how all of my comments were deleted in my post, but wanted to Thank you all for comments.