Crochet Apocalypse

 I thought after finishing the Red,  Teal  and once I completed the variegated project I would put in some sewing time, but nope.  I put the variegated project on hold and while on vacation.... yes, I took my hooking to Vegas... I was able to complete a sweater for my great-niece.

I followed Gail Tanquary's Striped Crochet Cardigan & Hat pattern, which is a top down crochet cardigan.  I've never done a top down sweater and thought doing a child pattern would be a good idea.  Of course, I detoured from the pattern a little by playing with the solid pink.  The project took 4 days and was a joy to work up, but need to fix the right bottom sleeve, I have some weird stitching going on. 

While relaxing over the weekend and regrouping from an awesome vacation, I started another one using the same pattern but used solid purple & variegated purple yarns and did a smaller size.  What remains are the sleeves, buttons & hat. 

I don't know about others, but when it comes to sleeves... my crochet energy starts sliding, so what is a girl to do.... start another project.  I spent the better part of Sunday evening modifying the child version of the striped crochet cardigan for me and after several attempts, think I finally got it right.  I opted out of the stripes and instead worked rows of half-double crochet and crossed dc stitches.  For a closer neckline, I joined with a slip stitch to the first stitch and did sc for several rounds til desired neckline.   I need to do a few more rows along the front opening and then begin the sleeves.... drats those sleeves again....

...off to check out some blogs

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Sheila said...

Some how all of my comments were deleted in my post, but wanted to Thank you all for the beautiful compliments.