New Look 6232

New Look 6232:   Unisex long sleeve button down collared shirt w/ optional pockets. For added interest, shirt can be made w/ contrasting collar, cuffs, inside yoke, and placket.

When my nephew asked me to make him a white shirt with a zipper, I soaked up the challenge. It would be the first time I made a men shirt and readily admit a challenge it was.  I faced my fears of sewing something other than lounge shorts for the menfolk and learned a lil more about fitting men, which is somewhat easier, because of there curveless factor...lol.

Fabric: White cotton/poly.

Sizing: Cut a small for the shoulders, armholes and body.  Cut a xs for neckline.  

Adjustments: Cut the yoke down to a xs being that it was too wide for my liking for the back pattern piece.  Reduced the sleeve caps 5/8" and still ended up having to ease it into the armholes.  Omitted the pocket.  Reduced the sleeve circumference for a total of 1/2" and trued cap curve.

Whenever, I work on a pattern, I pull out the corresponding dvds. To reacquaint myself with constructing a shirt I viewed palmer/pletsch's learn to sew a shirt, as well as Gentleman Jim in an attempt to perfect my straight stitching. One thing I always keep on fleet....lol   I am always looking to improve my skills.

On to the pattern, the instructions were easy to follow for the yoke, back and front pieces, which were serged and then secured with a straight stitch. However, when the time came for the placket, I searched the internet for tutorials and found Peter @ male pattern boldness' tutorial. 

Again for help with the shirt band and ... 

... collar, I used professor pincushion's tutorials.

Sadly, I had to redo the stand and collar after sewing it up and as I was pinning to the shirt neckline realized that I'd cut them at a size medium,  instead of a small.  Replayed professor pincushion's tut and for some reason (of course my error) ended up with the stand a tad bit short, but made it work.

 I must admit the sleeves were a true pain, although I put the sleeves in flat, had to ease those sleeve caps in... uggh.

For the hemline, just folded in 1/4" twice and final stitched.

The zipper went in with a breeze, used a 28" jacket zipper.  Secured in place with steam-a-seam and final stitched.

 What remains is sewing on the cuff buttons, cutting any straggling threads another tour through the washing machine and ironing.

The end result: My nephew loves his shirt, despite that I feel the sleeves could've been tweaked further.   

 Oddly, the sleeves hang perfectly on my brother, and thinking the sleeves are too full for my nephew or that I need to shorten the shoulder width.   

 Now the other menfolk in my family want shirts, which I am willing to do and will give me time to further figure out the sleeve issues.

Until then,
Have a Fabulous Sunday!!!


alethia said...

That's a beautiful shirt. I really like the zipper.

Sheila said...

Thank you Alethia !

Faye Lewis said...

Great work Sheila!

Myra said...

Sheila, nice job!! I could understand why you would have to make more men's shirts after this one...it's really nice!

Bonnie said...

Great job! I like your version.
Bonnie @ sewplus.blogspot.com

Sheila said...

Thank you Faye !

Sheila said...

Thank you Myra !

Sheila said...

Thank you Bonnie !

Lisa R said...

Great job as always!

Sheila said...

Thank you Lisa !

Frenie Agbayani said...

What an amazing clothing patterns! The dress looks fabulous!

Sheila said...

Thank you Frenie.