Simplicity 1355 Then 2014 & Now 2017

Hello Everyone annnnnd Happy Friday !!!

Today I bring a Then 2014 & Now 2017.  My daughter gifted me a funky fun fabric and was totally clueless as to what to do with it when I got it.  So I put it to the side and moved on to other pressing matters.  Then during the summer of 2014, I was struck with jumper fever.  

(posted about here)

 Bingo knew just the fabric to make it happen and modified Simplicity 1355 was borne  

Circa 2014

Since I wasn't always team jean friday,
 this was worn on a casual Friday to work with a blazer.

I love for my clothes to work double duty or rather work for me.  I try to be mindful of the items I sew & buy, as well as try to focus on seasonless garments.  I like to think that seasonless garments don't go out of style quickly.  To add to that, having a few eclectic garments adds a mix to my collection, providing a lil flare from the ordinary.

Fast forward to 2017 and it's still in rotation. 

I wanted to wear something super comfy.... 
like pj's worthy and this was just the ticket

At the same time I needed a topper against New York's psycho temps.
  Auditioned a few blazers/jackets and presto....

My moto wax denim jacket fit the bill.  As an additional layer, I had a pashmina scarf and rocked light denim pumps and a 2 strand necklace.  Felt my hairstyle wasn't working with the outfit and played with my hair a lil more to add a funky edge to my look and was donedotcom.  Thank goodness I didn't try to wear this outfit today with all the torrential rain, it would've been dastardly.

Until then,
Have a Great Friday !!!!


Abba's Child Creations said...

Do you sell your clothing? Do you have a web site?

Mariela Alethia said...

You style truly reflects my definition of timeless elegance with a bit of a modern twist, sprinkles of urban style with a classic touch.

Faye Lewis said...

I love the way you make your clothes work double duty.

Brenda said...

That demon jacjpket is wonderful! Great pairing.

Brenda said...

Oops - denim jacket

Sheila said...

Thanks for inquiring Abba. Currently I am just selling activewear. However, please inbox me @ sheila-at-sheilaz-ctk-dot-com. I do not have a website... stay tuned.

Sheila said...

Hiiii Alethia and Thank you. You know me so well...lol

Sheila said...

Thank you Faye!

Sheila said...

Thank you Brenda !