McCalls 7446

How is Everyone doing this Glorious Sunday?   Hoping everyone had an Awesome Memorial Day.  I sure did, especially being that it was my birthday !!!!   My family made it Awesome, they cooked all day and stayed the weekend, maaaan my house was busy and noisey.  But Oh' how I enjoyed it.  Although when they left Tuesday, I must say, I was like dang it... finally....lol

Okkkk.... by now you know, Activewear/Athleisure continues to be my new love.  Yes, I have a few other loves, but that right theeeere... is pure love.....lol

In an attempt to stay fit or should I say marginally fit, I needed a motivation boost.   It has been one full year that I have remained consistent with my exercise.  Of course, comes that feeling of slacking and I can't afford to slack now after a year of commitment and feeling the benefits of it.  Also, I need to remove the word exercise from my brain cup and say lifestyle.  After a year, it really has become a part of my lifestyle and must think of it as that.... however.... I still have those moments of sheesh back to the exercise... oops I mean lifestyle grind....lol

Sooooo, to keep my lifestyle motivation going, I have journeyed into activewear/athleisure and it has definitely ... definitely motivated me.  Yes, there are mornings, like thiiiiis morning, that I laid in the bed wide awake, convincing myself that I need a day off.  However, I know that it needed to be done, just like I need to eat, clean, tend to the dogs, etc... sooo I got up pulled myself together, pulled on my most recent make and bam.... 31 minutes later, it was over... yessss.

Ok on to McCalls 7446 which consist of a loose fitting jacket, close fitting top/tunic and leggings.

I opted for Version D, which is the top/tunic and decided to modify it to a tennis dress.

Fabric choice was a ltwt quilted poly/cotton/spandex in a funky print.... squeallllllllll talk about a funky fun & vibrant colors to jump start a workout. I washed and air dried both pieces. The quilted fabric dried quickly and had to wait for the lime green fabric to dry.... as I thumped my fingers.

In the process of organizing my fabric room, I came across the printed fabric.  Thinking that I likely scored it from Virgo Fabrics (now defunct) or Sav-a-thon... then again not 100% sure.  For the side panels, I used a lime green dancewear knit from Family Fabric, also with a location in Manhattan called Butterfly Fabrics.

Honestly, there wasn't much modifying to it.  Being that I am a shawty, and the existing tunic length was long, I just added additional inches from the hemline.  Yes, I should've/could've used the shorten/lengthen indicator line, but in this instance, I felt it was perfectly fine adding from the hemline.

As for fit check, I have a few rtw workout garments and pinned the pattern pieces together and selected a racer back top that best fit the upper front/back style lines.  All looked good after comparing it to the racer back top and prepared to unpin and cut.

The construction went together smoothly, and serged all the seams.  For the armholes and neckline, I stitched 1/4" clear elastic and folded to the inside.  For the hemline I opted for my favorite hem finish, heat n bond.

The wearability was comfortable while I power hooped.  What I look for in wearability is a comfortable fit.

No excessive riding up of the hemline while working out.  I don shorts underneath and it helped with that.

This is my let's get this sh*t started face....

Ooops ... my headband is slipping... 
... just when I turn my back, my guy & the dogs decide to act a fool... 
Here is Version 2.0 using a stretch 2 textured, reversible denim.  For this version I lengthened the bodice by 1.5".  Another dumpster dive piece from my fabric stash.  This fabric is beautiful, but after washing & drying it was hawt azz wrinkle mess.  After ironing, all was well, but I was truly salty just having to iron it.  Another issue I experienced, after the first pass of serging, and in the process of about to straight stitch the seam, the fabric started to fray from the serged seam.... what the hail storm was that all about.  Went back and serged again, straight stitched the seams and then topstitched the darn seams down... now bust a fray...lol.

I haven't worked out in this one, wore it the day after my birthday celebration.  It worked well as I was on dog poop doody.  Yes, my big guy had to spend the day in the dog pound, while the celebrating was going on the nite before.  Well Mr. Max decided he was going to pay us back. After the party was over and he was free to roam the yard, he leashed an on slaughter of poops in various spot.  Mainly areas he isn't suppose to.  Soooo I had to do the doody deed and shovel sh*t... literally.
Well this dress worked well under doody duty and luckily didn't two-step into one of his mounds....eewww.. I know...lol

What I will say about his version, while comfy, it did rise up considerably,  However, compared to the first version, I found I kept tugging it down. Thinking the knit shorts against the cotton was exacerbating it and will reserve this version as a weekender and errand dress.  

Until then,
Have an Awesome Sunday !!!


Mariela Alethia said...

Colorful, it is my favorite version. One year of consistently working out? Awesome.

Sheila said...

Thank you! Yes actually 13 months... what made it possible was journaling each work out.

Faye Lewis said...

You do know that you have the coolest looking active wear in America - don't you?

Anonymous said...

Both of your dresses look great! I especially love that funky print on you used for power-hooping :)

Sheila said...

Awww ... Thank you Faye!

Sheila said...

Thank you Anonymous!

Jill said...

That headwrap on the colorful one just pushes that whole outfit to another level. Love it! Now you've inspired me to make an athletic dress. I have a potbelly (thanks to two babies less than a year apart) and no matter what style workout wear I buy, that belly of mine pops out while I'm bouncing around the gym.

Seeing your dresses, I'm thinking that might just be the ticket to keeping my pooch under wraps.

May I ask? Does this particular pattern do anything to help hold the gals in place? I mean, is it designed to be tighter across the bust? I have a larger bust and have yet to find a bra that can hold me in properly while exercising. If I could find a good fabric/pattern combo for workout wear that would help in that regard, boy would that be great!

Sheila said...

Thank you Jill ! You are not alone... I have a belly and it's just that a grown woman attribute...lol. I am a busty woman and the dress doesn't hold them steady. I wear a high impact sports bar to tame them and if I know I will be bouncing around more than usual, I wear a regular bra & a sports bra. Yes a bit overkill, bit it works.