Unapologetic Crafter

If anyone knows me, I go fast & hard with my crafting & sewing.  One minute I'm in the throes of sewing and in a lickety split I will dive into something else.  That's me the unapologetic crafter.

Of late, with my sewing mojo bobbing & weaving in & out of my craft room, I revisited another pastime love... jewelry making.

I loooove wearing jewelry, it's something about adding that last touch to an outfit. Whether it be work, an event or casual.  Jewelry seals that ensemble.

My jewelry style is minimalistic.  I love stud earrings, no let me rephrase that, I am obsessed with them.  I've tried dangling & hoop ones, but find them fiddly.

  I like necklaces & chokers, but not too over the top.  I tried rocking the bib necklaces and mann, it was just too much going on and some were heavy.  Acquired a large collection only to realize a single or double strand (s) works better. So I refashioned them creating necklace & bracelet sets.  There are a few I kept as is, I found them to be lightweight & comfortable.

Also, fond of bracelets, but again can't rock an armload, too noisey and hinder the putting on & taking off my blazer, or  just reaching into my handbag.

My daughter made me realize that since I wear a lot of blazers, the bib necklace wouldn't be comfortable.  Advised that I should wear them with suitless outfits.  Tried it and it was bearable, but I always gravitate to single or double strand(s) necklaces.  As for the hoop or dangling earrings, I made a set and wore them, but kept forgetting about them and found myself swatting at my neck, yielding scratches... umm yeah...lol.

I've acquired and made a lot of jewelry over time for myself and now have ventured into selling.  With my daughter coming to New York and urging me to participate in one of  the Craft & Gift vending events @ Eisenhower Park, New York, I've been enjoying creating jewelry even more.  Currently, I have a few pieces available via my etsy shop, along with other novelty items.

My most recent make is Green Envy .. this set was a joy to make with green  iridescent beads, glass crackle beads, dimensional beads on fashion gold links.  Creating the wrap loops was trying, but got them done.

The Sewjo made a fast & furious appearance and I was able to cut out a dress.  I went with my tnt Butterick 5147, using a novelty designer inspired print.  However, in a flash it was gone, so my dress is waiting for my sewjo to return.

Until then,
Enjoy the rest of the Weekend !


Monica Davis said...

SB indeed you are a busy woman, creative and FASHIONABLE!!!B5147 NEVER FAIL ... FIESTA :) May your sewing mojo come back FULL FORCE ;)

Faye Lewis said...


Sheila said...

Hi Monica,Thank you and yes... I need my sewjo to return.

Sheila said...

Hi Faye and Thank you!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Luv the new page and look of your blog. I too have been considering a name change. What I don't know. Yes Yes to your jewelry ! I've been following you on Instagram and your pieces are glamorous and eye-candy all around. I love the support your daughter is giving you. Your Number One Fan. Keep it up Lady !

Sheila said...

Hi Carolyn and Thank you!

Mimi said...

All lovely jewelry! I like that golden brown bracelet!

Sheila said...

Thank you Mimi !

Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment on a blog, but I am GOING to with yours! You are an inspiration, and I just want to go craft-craft-craft after seeing this! I, too am a crafter, sewer, knitter, etc. THANK YOU for getting my mojo going! -- a gal in Minnesota :)

Sheila said...

Hi Gal in Minnesota. Thanks for visiting. Glad I can inspire... yes.. craft, craft & craft til your heart is content.