Thanking you

Crocheting has allowed me the opportunity to express myself through stitches, loops, textures, colors and especially time with my beautiful daughter........who has taken up the art of crocheting with such zest. Making designs customized by my customers also gives me the ultimate rush and pride when I see them sporting Sheila's Crochets. All you out there sporting Sheila's Crochets continue to inspire me to keep on keeping on....Thanks a bunch.


hey sheila i think your love of crocheting is wondreful, i was looking at the pictures of the things you did i think they are great. you poncho is very beautiful along with your hats and scarves. keep up the great work!

p.s. i ill be placing an order very soon!
Anonymous said…
Sheila, thanks for the beautiful scarf you crocheted for me for xmas! The fact that it was made especially for me, with only me and my coloring in mind, makes it so special and unique. Your work is outstanding and I look forward to your spring designs! Lisa