Sue Rock Original Charity Event

I am on a crochet marathon as of 5:00am this morning... working on a capelet for "Sue Rock Original Everyone's Survivors of Domestic Violence" charity event( Sue Hargett Rock created Sue Rock Originals to help us crocheters and knitters... and others as well.. broaden our creative vision with a social directive... she has inspired me to focus on others in need of comfort and love... Sue's charity event has enlightened me on the plight of survivors' of domestic violence and has given me some clarity on what women must deal with once they flee from their homes with children in tow from an abusive marriage/relationship... they leave everything behind seeking safety for their children as well as their well being.. as Sue stated in an e-mail to me "...because a woman who has lost everything... she shouldn't have to wear 'used' clothes"... with that in mind.. I am contributing my crocheting skills to a beautiful event and want women to have something new while acclimating to a new environment... and participating in this charity event is just the beginning of sharing my love of crocheting... Sue you really Rock!!!