Beginnings of an Autumn Coat

The morning was absolutely beautiful and took time to finish planting my seeds and relax in the backyard.... enjoying the music of the birds... and of course while listening to the music.. my mind started thinking about crocheting something totally different... and ventured back inside...after browsing through Interweave's 2005 issue... and gleamed the Crochet Retro Car Coat... I thought ummmm... thats something worth trying... of course... my intentions are always twisted... I pulled out 3 panels I had done in cross stitch earlier in the week.. and decided I would try creating something resembling a coat... so far I have pieced the panels together and continued with a single crochet.. not sure how long I will make it... I have 2 pounds of cape code blue yarn... I will finish the 1st pound and see where I end up... thinking about doing something around the waist... and I'll look for fabric to line it... ok... back to the drawing board.. need to think about the sleeves and collar.


emy said…
That's a pretty nice coat! Love it!