Tooo Many WIPs.... Oh My

Its 7:oo am Saturday morning and after a delicious cup of coffee I venture into my workroom (a/k/a guestroom) and look at my WIPs... and realize that I am just schizing... there is the sweater awaiting sleeves (Bernat Solo & Caron Yarn) ; the Car Coat with its partial second sleeve (Caron Yarn) ; the back of a baby sweater (Pound of Love); beginnings of a Tote Bag (Wool Ease); oh the Lilac Halter Dress; and my recent purchases of Easy Stitch & Save and New Look patterns and fabrics... oh my... I just can't stay focus... and in the mix of all of this... I need to paint my kitchen... sew summer curtains... do laundry... vacuum... oooooh and think about what to make for dinner.. what has become of me... I know what I'll do go back to sleep...zzzzzz


Karen said…
Hi Sheila,

Boy are you busy :) Luckily for me, I don't have a lot of wips going on, but I do have a lot of wim's. Having a lot of wips would be very stressful to me :)
Madelyn said…
ROFL, I know exactly what you mean. Too many things and not enough time. I love that halter dress.
Pam said…
I can relate too! I keep my little projects in a quart-size ziplock baggie so if I'm taking a road trip or going somehere I can crochet, I grab one (or two)!