Charity Project

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Sue Rock's Charity Meet-Up (Sue Rock Originals)... where the discussion focused on Survivors of Domestic Violence.. and how we can make a difference. I enjoyed the meet-up immensely... meeting new people of like-mind and getting to know a little more about each person. Its always a joy to hear about how someone started crocheting or knitting or sewing, and the projects that they have worked on, and some of their challenges. In between the chatting... there were bins of yarns from basic acrylic... wool/mohair... to silk blends.. and more... Ohh and the colors were vast. So to kick start the charity and with the fall season approaching... I decided the Car Coat & Newsboy Cap would be a perfect contribution to the cause.. experiencing a feeling of contentment that my contribution along with others will give the survivors of domestic violence renewed self-esteem and hope. I left the meet-up bursting at the seams with a bag full of Lambs Pride wool/mohair skeins in Roasted Coffee and Wild Oak... right now the project thats floating around in my head is a Cardigan... so off to the drawing board.