Cool Water Vest

The yarn that I used for this project is Bernat Solo... the color is Water. The yarn has a Mohair look and very soft. This crochet wearable is machine washable - use lukewarm water and lay flat to dry...... I started this project in early-summer... ...but wasn't sure where I was going with it (my subconscious was thinking cardigan)... well I worked on it on and off... then I ran out of yarn and couldn't do the sleeves... and it was too darn hot to continue on.. so it hung-out in my WIP basket... recently I pulled it out, and my daughter saw me fiddling around with it and wanted to know who the recipient would be... well I didn't have one and she decided that she would be the recipient. I started working on the sleeves using a Caron gray yarn.. but she wasn't feeling it and wanted it to be a vest.. well that was easy... I just didn't do the sleeves. My daughter sported the vest on one of our cool days with a hoody sweatshirt under it and jeans. The vest looked really cool.


Madelyn said…
Very nice. The weather is perfect for this vest now.
Deneen said…
That is very pretty and Maddie is right, perfect for the weather lately.