Gauge Swatch

Why ohh why am I constantly told to make a gauge swatch... Well for one it is said that gauge determines the number of stitches and rows a crocheter makes per inch using a certain yarn and crochet hook, and in the end the gauge will determine the size of my finished outfit. I am also told that to create a precise gauge swatch, I must chain enough stitches to equal four inches and crochet in a pattern for four inches. Then end off the swatch and measure my work with a tape measure. Thereafter, i'm suppose to count the stitches vertically and horizontally. Well I have a secret.... I have never swatched.... yes I said it... matter of fact I will say it again... I have never swatched. Most of my projects are created following schematic drawings in crochet and knit magazines... I started this project without swatching and always have my measuring tape handy. Now the question is does that make me a bad crocheter? Does it prevent me from participating in design contests? Does it mean I will never be able to write a pattern without it?


Deneen said…
Unfortunately, most publications want a gauge for the pattern you submit-they do because some people crochet tight and some loose.

I am not a fan of swatching-I have had size problems with osme patterns and it was because of gauge-substituting yarn. If I substitute yarn, I will do a swatch to make sure it's the same.

I just made the SnB Fat Bottom bag and used LB Suede (which is bulky)and it called for WW cotton-and the called for hook. I anticipated it would be a little big-didn't care, but let me tell you, the darn thing is huge and I wish I hadn't used the LB Suede or had done a gauge swatch first.

It's okay when you are crocheting clothing and can have the exact measurements and know how big something has to be, etc., but if you write a pattern and someone else makes it, in a different size, not having gauge could mess them up.
Anna said…
That is an awesome top! Do you publish your patterns anywhere? I just stumbled across your site from Crochetville and I *love* your tops!
Sydney said…
You have some beautiful garments! I do more knitting than crochet but I assume you have the same gauge problems with crochet. There can be a big difference in how tightly different people crochet. Plus some people like to "wing it" and others prefer to strictly follow a pattern.
Kimberly said…
That top is beautiful.

My guess is the fact that you are measuring out things is taking the place of swatching. Whatever you're doing, you're doing something right.
emy said…
Got to say that I love this piece and can't wait to see it all finished!