Mocha Mint Vest

Well here is the project that was suppose to be a repeat of the copper kettle crop sweater... but ended up becoming a vest... I started out all wrong with the stitch... I worked the project up using double crochet.. and should have focused on the actual stitches used for the crop sweater, as well as the construction. Basically, this is a clear indication that I am an unconventional crocheter... I just do whatever comes to my mind. The picture represents they way my brain operates... at times it gets all discombobulated. Well at least I can say that I have a partially written pattern.


jae said…
with all these patterns, you need to write a book....youre writing a book right?
Madelyn said…
Very pretty. You are just knocking these tops out left and right.
Kimberly said…
Very pretty vest.

I like that you do whatever comes to mind. It sounds like such a free way to be!

Thanks for the comments about the blanket! I've been so busy knitting my sock that I haven't given it the attention it deserves.