Vests are Back

As I window shopped at Roosevelt Field Mall... I noticed that Vests are back. I saw trucker vests, ruffled vests, men style vests... you name it and they were out there. Do you know that vests were initially worn for warmth until it became fashionable....? From what I understand the vest started out as a simple straight cut, close fitting garment with long sleeves and made from black cloth ... and that the vest became sleeveless around 1750... whadaya know. I was never a vest person or should I say it just didn't fit into the scheme of my wardrobe... but recently I crocheted a vest and decided it was time I make something for me and sported it with a gray blouse and charcoal gray slacks. My dd and dh were shocked to see me veer from my usual attire... a suit. I believe I have said it in previous posts I am Queen of Suits. Well, I sported my new creation and it was awkward for a while... I kept tugging and pulling, darn near stretching it to death... but once the compliments started rolling in I was like yeahhhh!! I can do this. Since then I have created another one and went with Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn in Melon.... its really cute.. my daughter is loving the color and I am just trying to figure what constrasting color would work with it...

well I guess I have to wait until I finish it.