Wild Oak Cardigan FO

Whew... I finally finished my charity project... I was sooo bad... I should've had it completed by Oct. 15th, but it wasn't.. I detoured and started/finished other projects. I started the Wild Oak Cardigan on Sept. 10th and as always when its time to do the sleeves I slack off. Well its done and happy with it. I used Lamb's Pride yarn in Wild Oak and Roasted Coffee.. I had 2 reasons why I had put it to the wayside... I wasn't sure if I had enough yarn.. but luckily I did... and wasn't sure about the fastners... so I dug into my chest of bobbles and found two beads that worked well. Wednesday morning I popped up and did my last minute finishes... putting in name tag/care label, checked for yarn ends and packaged it... and off I went.....vooommmmm.


Deneen said…
Very pretty also-that looked good before you added the sleeves-would make a nice vest-
Renee said…
I really like this! I just love your sense of style.