Lil Black Cardigan UFO

It appears that I am accumulating UFOs. The sleeves get me every time, but this project can't linger around too long, a young lady requested this piece. She explained that she wanted a black crop cardigan, showed her some yarn samples, and did a rough sketch, and took the necessary measurements. So far I'm sailing along ok, with most of the body done. This piece is worked up vertically in single crochet and using Lion Brand Baby Soft Yarn, which is an enticing snuggly yarn designed for softness. Must say that Lion Brand's care instructions held up, I did the Pink Bliss Vest in baby soft yarn and washed and actually dried it. To my surprise, it didn't lose its shaping. I normally play it safe by washing my crochet wearables and lay flat to dry.
I am feeling jubilant about this piece, thus far, because I rarely, if ever do sweaters with a v-neck opening. Since I'm not good at following patterns, I browsed several mags to get ideas of other designs similar in construction. Ms. Mannequin gets to sport it until I'm ready to do the slee
ves, which will be done like the Copper Kettle Sweater. Aside from the sleeves I need to trim out the opening and decide on a fastener. Until then.... arrivederci.


Deneen said…
That is working up nicely, but I do understand what you mean about the sleeve part always tending to bite ya in the behind. I tried Red Heart Soft yarn recently and loved how it worked up and the sheen it had, however, I didn't try to wash it (I didn't make a wearable with it).
Madelyn said…
Sleeves are trying. But you will prevail. You always do.
sarah said…
I like it even without the sleeves, it is totally cute!