Crochet Thread

I love working with worsted weight yarns, but wanted to try something different. So I purchased some Aunt Lydia's crochet thread, which is 100% mercerized cotton - size 10. I worked this project up using 3 strands of ecru, white and variegated blue. Without a project in mind I worked up the back panel with 2 strands of white and ecru. Now, if you look closely you can see what happens when an idea is not thought out... I precariously did some funny stitch work and the design is totally off, but I continued on just excited about working the crochet thread with ease. The front worked up really nice and right now its pinned in place. Although this piece isn't completed the question is what becomes of this precarious project.... frog it....... or.........?


Anonymous said…
Love the new blog look!

I don't know what you should do about the vest...but I really love the front & the way it curves.
Sheila said…
Thanks del... I decided I would try to close up the extra open stitchwork and pray that its not obvious... actually this project will become a top.. if I don't change my mind...hehe
Anonymous said…
Greetings Sheila!!!!

I didn't know I was featured in Black Purl, how cool that is! :)

I hope your weekend is wonderful.
This is so far a good day for me!
BTW, your work looks great!