New Crochet Thread Projects

While commuting I have seen people crocheting with crochet thread with ease and staring with envy and vowed that I was going to try it. Also I have been asked what creation do I have in store for the summer. So last week I worked with crochet thread... trying to get the feel of working with such a fine yarn and after several days, I finally got the hang of it (working 2 and 3 strands at a time) and love the way the project felt and how the shaping came out... at least the front part. As for the back I got cute and did some quirky stitching and when I tried the project on the back was crooked. So for now its being sported by Ms. Mannequin until I can figure out how to tweak it. While searching for something in my craft closet I came across a project I worked on last year using crochet thread. You can guess that since it was in the closet I didn't fair to well with it. Well I pulled it out and took a second look at what I was trying to do and realized I probably didn't continue with it because crocheing with 1 strand was difficult and became fed up with the fact that it was taking a while to work up. Now, I think I've come to understand what it takes to work with crochet thread... Its called patience... I am so used to working with worsted weight yarn and that it works up so fast that fiddling with fine yarn was out of my league. So.. on my way home Friday, I stopped at my LYS and purchased several balls of Aunt Lydia's classic crochet thread in brown and ecru and worked the 2 strands... sifted through a few magazines and found a schematic for a tank top. I just finished the back and will start the front shortly. I also picked up where I left off on the red project that I came across while searching for something that I can't remember now.... lol... since the project was worked in the round I could make a tube top.... I'll see.. if you look closely you will see a tube of mineral ice... I took a nasty fall Friday night heading to the lowerlevel (a/k/a/ the basement) and I am still in pain... and since I was confined to the bed yesterday I was able to get a fair amount of crocheting done. So back to my bed, mineral ice, coffee and crochet thread.

Pssst... check out Musings & Aphorisms for the full story on the break dance I did Friday nite.


Ohhh, can't wait to see your creation!!!!
Renee said…
Sorry to hear about your tumble! I still haven't gotten brave enough to try thread crochet...I don't think I've developed the patience yet!