Cora in the Works

I just had this urge to work with some cuddly sportweight yarn and started browsing a few knit & crochet blogs and particularly loving the rib stitch and crochet rib stitch... (I think thats what it is). Well my brain went into create... create... create... so I sat down and thought about what I should do with a skein and half of Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn. So I started out working up the bra part thinking initially I should do a bikini top... don't ask... just wanting to do something... well, once I completed the bra part and started thinking what now... well I fiddled with the yarn and started crocheting a ban to attach to the bottom of the bra top and did a back crochet stitch... finally got the idea of it after ripping back several times... and totally loving this so far. Now that I have a visual of what I've done so far... I need to rethink what will become of it... a top I guess... but I only have 3/4 of yarn left.. and still have the back to do and straps... so I may consider adding another color.. any suggestions...?


Madelyn said…
There you go again. It's just amazing how you just pick up a hook and some yarn and start creating.
Anonymous said…
Wow, how cute. I don't know about color suggestions...for some reason, I'm into black & pink right now. Or maybe cream or white.
Mary said…
It looks great! I'm thinking another halter, but that may be because the last one you made is so cool. All I can think of is adding white, navy or black. You're the expert! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
I come and I look and I am always amazed at what you can do with a crochet hook and a ball of yarn...this is simply beautiful!