Current State of Affairs

My current state of affairs involves 3 projects that I'm working on...
Project 1: Since I had 3 balls of brown crochet thread left... from my Finale Top... I decided to work up another top.. and mixed it with a variegated ball called Oasis.. I love the colors, which consist of sage, cream, soft blue and taupe.
Let me warn you the image you are about to see is not intended for the young... so please do not view in the vicinity of children.... lol.
I started this project with just the thought of a basic top, but done in the round... so I crocheted using to two strands and alternating with bands of brown thread. I checked out a halter top from Cool Crochet by Melissa Leapman to help with the front shaping. Well, now that it measures 18" long.. I tried it on... I'm like ummmmmmm interesting, I like the snug fit and imagining it worn under a suit. Ohhh have I mentioned that I love to wear halter tops under my suits during the summer.

I still have to add a couple of rows before deciding on the string tie. A few ideas are popping around in my head... like ribbon, string of beads or crochet. I like the color variations... and the bands of brown to break it up... well stay tune for the FO.

Project 2: Did I mention I love to wear halter tops during the summer... I wear suits 5 days a week and like to play them up with halter tops and also its cool (of course, only a few at work knows that I wear halter tops) ... anywho... I decided to sew one from Simplicity 9107 (A) using vintage knit, which is a blue grey with horizontal lines... totally love the feel. I put it to the side for now I'm having some problems with the tie.. and thinking about modifying it to (B) which is a stay tuned for the FO.

Project 3: I mentioned in a previous post that I'm working this tube top up for my daughter and since the last post she has mentioned that she may prefer a halter... so I crocheted the tie using the same color combo as the bottom and added some rows to the top using the same color combo as the bottom... Now if only I could get her to try it on... you would think I had a toddler and forcing her to take medicine. She wants to wear the top to a party tomorrow... so I must remind her that she must try it on... kids... go figure.


Deneen said…
Very sexy-I love it.
Madelyn said…
Oh my, here you go again. These tops are looking good Sheila.
Lily said…
You look sexy wearing that top.
Sheila said…
Thank you ladies.