Knit & Crochet Meet Up

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a knit & crochet meet-up at the West Hempstead Library. Enjoyed myself immensely. Its been sometime since I'd been to one. One of my New Year's resolutions is to attend more meet-ups. I consider myself the Lone Crocheter... hehe... After working all day I head home and hang with the family and at some point venture off to my craft room and begin my crocheting until late in the nite. On the weekend I will spend an entire day holed up in my craft room only stepping out for brief periods to eat and do whatever else. I have a new name now, my family members call me Home Alone... b/c I spend an exorbitant amount of time cooped up in the room during week nites and into the weekend. But don't get me wrong I manage to get things done at home and then I rush back to crocheting and just crafting. So with all that said and with the New Year here... attending the meet-up last nite was fun. The instructor, Angela was super... let me tell you... she knows everything... and had a project on her needles... she is making a Mardi Cardigan in a peppered cream yarn. Well, I casted on and it was going smoothly until I dropped one of my cast on stitches...b/c I was so busy running my mouth and at the same time absorbing the going-ons of crocheting and knitting . I did note the big difference between knitting and crocheting in that if you drop a knit stitch... its a PITA, whereas with crocheting its a breeze to recover a dropped stitch. I really had a hard time with working the knitting needles (just trying to hold them and manuever the yarn was a challenge), at some point during the 2hr meet-up, I would put the knitting to the side and pick-up my crochet project and then back to the knitting... but in the end, all I have to show for that nite was cast on At least thats a start... provided I keep practicing.


Deneen said…
I have been swearing to go to one of these, but it's 1/2 hour away and at night and well, with a 7 year old, dinner, etc-not convenient. Plus I know I will be the only crocheter.

Once it warms up a bit here and maybe time constraints ease up, maybe.
I am going to start going to more meet ups.....glad you had a good time!
Anonymous said…
Good for you! I'm sure you'll have the hang of it in no time.
Madelyn said…
Staying home is good, that's how you get the projects done. But a meet up once a month or so for a few hours is a lot of fun. I attended one last Friday at my LYS. I had been in most of the day and really didn't want to go back out. But I'm glad I did because it was very enjoyable.