Sew What!!

Kudos!! to all the sewing enthusiasts out there. My sewing ventures have always centered around simple projects like, a skirt, curtains, duvets, pillows and embellishing.. so I'm trying my hands at sewing a top and it is a challenge. I am currently working on New Look Pattern 6515, the purple top in black eyelet cotton. I figured this sewing project would be a simple top, and its not sew boy-o-boy... I am now calling it the challenge top. I have cut out the pattern and fabric and pinned it. Then I moved on to baste stitching, and must have ripped back the baste stitching at least 4 times to get it right. Ohh, and it would have been nice if I was enlightened about I spent about 2 hours just trying to figure that out.. but think I got it. Once I got the baste stitching down I tried it on Ms. Mannequin and felt good enough about it to start sewing the seams and then I tried it on... so far so good. Now I am looking at the back neckline and realized uhhhh.... something is wrong I need bias tape and not only that I already sewed the shoulder seams... hot darn nit... now I need to rip back the shoulder seams... well off to ripping back... stay tuned.


Deneen said…
I am envious for those of you who can sew! The tank fits you perfectly!
Madelyn said…
I have no doubt you will figure it out and get it together perfectly. Happy sewing!

If the weather is like it is here, it's a perfect day to be indoors crafting. And working out too!

Enjoy the weekend!
Lily said…
I love the design of your top you sew. It's totally my choice of top.
ahhhh! sewing!! I do think it looks like it is coming along great! :)
gold said…
All the hard work you went thourgh your top turned out nice. I fell good that I am not the only one that go thourgh this. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous said…
I think it looks great! It's a very flattering shape.
Sheila said…
Thanks for the compliments... I actually finished it Sunday.. so now I just need to take a good pic wearing it. I'm already eyeing another project... which is suppose to be easy and consist of a halter top and palazzo pants.
toya said…
this came out great, wow
Divineladi said…
That tank looks great on you! You are rocking it!

Maybe one day I'll take a sewing day.
Sheila ~ your top is very pretty and really good for someone just getting back into sewing. But can I ask a question or two?

Did you interface the bands? And if so, what did you use? Also you can put a tack at the v at the neckline to hold the two pieces together, if you want.

Can't wait to see what else you make from your fabric store haul! Giving something away, free - LOL at that line!
Sheila said…
Carolyn - Thanks for the compliment... and excited about sewing garments... although nervous at the same time.

I didn't use interfacing... I matched up the back and front facing bands according to the pattern and baste stitched them only to realize the back of the neckline revealed a raw edge... ripped back the shoulder stitches and used bias tape along the edge back facing band and just creased the front facing bands and sewed them along the bias neckline. I understand a little that interfacing is used to give a garment stability.. how would that have worked for this project...? Thanks for the tack tip. Boy-o-boy do I have a lot to Hope to a have a pic of the finished project soon.
Interfacing would have made the bands a little sturdier, less floppy! It would have helped them lay flatter against the body!