Crochet Bikini & Crochet Sweater

Friday nite I returned home with a cone of 8/2 size, 2-ply unmercerized cotton in celery... I caressed it as my mind thought of all the things it could become... and settled on something for the summer. I decided a cute bikini set would be perfect for when the heat becomes too unbearable. For the pattern I referred to Gayle Bunn's pattern in Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine (Spring/Summer 2006). Now that its done... I'm thinking a sarong would really make it complete... so stay tuned.

On another note, I completed Lila... my daughter totally loves it. Initally we were undecided on the fastner. In my search for the final touch, I came across a plastic ring... and crocheted yarn around it... but quickly realized it wouldn't work... and abandoned it. So we then decided on buttons and unable to find what we wanted in my button stash... I headed on to the fabric store... and decided I would try a zipper. I get home all excited about the fastner and proceeded to put this project to rest... halfway through baste stitching the zipper to the sweater... I realized I purchased the wrong darn zipper... I needed a jacket zipper... and had to undo what I did. Determined to finish the sweater... I dug in my stash and came up with a jacket zipper but in the wrong color and 22" long. I needed to adjust the zipper length and tediously adjusted it to use on the sweater.... and after all was done.... Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!


Mary said…
Hi Sheila! Your bikini set it too cute and the Lila sweater is utterly amazing!!! I love it! I've been in awe of your talent and understand you have too much going on in designing to stop and write instructions. But!, I'm starting to get impatient. I would love to be able to make some of your designs or at least understand what you do. So, with that in mind, you should either write a book ... or better yet, talk to us while you work. Sell CDs or do a podcast. Maybe that would give us a clue as to how you make all those amazing things! Anyway, I'm glad you blog! Thanks! Mary
Lily said…
I love the sweater. And the zip is a perfect closure for it.
wow, girl fantastic! how long did it take you to make the bikini?
Deneen said…
Both turned out awesomely!
gold said…
Love it!!!! You did a good job.
Sheila said…
Thanks all for the beautiful compliments.

@Mary: That's a great suggestion to do a crochet along on one of my projects... I will do a post to see if anyone else is interested in doing it.. if not then we can do a

@Adrienne: I believe it took about 10hrs on & off to do the bikini.
I love both the jacket and the bikini...I wish there were one of those little icons that bowed. It would be perfect for these pieces. I am just totally amazed at what you do with some yarn and a crochet hook!