Crochet & Sew Review

I started on the Red Bolero for my daughter, using Aunt Lydia's crochet thread, and which she will wear with Flair. Now that its on Ms. Mannequinn, I realized that I totally deviated from what I initially had in mind... ohhhhh boy. Now, I have to rip back the front panel, which is way off... so back to the drawing board.
In other news... I did a bit of fabric shopping in the hopes of getting some sewing done this weekend and had the pleasure of getting my hands on several colors of cotton blend stripe seersucker fabric and New Look 6713 and Butterick 5941 patterns.but right now I'm sew clueless... I am working on a skirt, using New Look 6569- View B. The fabric choice is a brown cotton and a printed organza as an overlay. I have managed to baste stitch the side seams less 7" from the waist, in order to put in a zipper and the yoke. For the life of me I can't figure out how the darn yoke is suppose to be right now its just laying there... mind you I spent a good hour last nite trying to figure it out without success...ughhh.... and to think I want to move on to dresses and suits...we'll see....hehe... so I need to stop over at Pattern Review for their expertise.


Adrienne said…
I have that same pattern, and my mom had to come and help me. I had to have someone to show me. But it worked out in the end. lol
Adrienne said…
LOL, the new look 6569
Knitaholictoo said…
Is the yoke cut in organza only? From your picture, it looks like the brown is one piece and the overlay is in two pieces? If it is you probably have to do the two organza pieces together then put it together with the brown. I tried looking up the pattern couldn't find it. E-me if you want.

Or yeah, I'm a patternmaker/designer as well!