The Pleasure of Sewing for MOI!!!

I had the pleasure of wearing my slacks... n/k/a Sleet Slacks. I was a little concerned about the thinness of the fabric... and made a note to double the fabric the next time. Also that day was the wearability test to determine if the fabric would hold up to long periods of sitting, some bending, opening & closing of the zipper and wrinkle resistance. I had to laugh at myself, before stepping out of the house... I did a few warm-up exercises... a few drop it like its hot and headed for the car. The slacks held up during the 1hr 15 min. commute, no excessive wrinkling... a few creases in the crotch area.. but nothing significant. Once at work I checked for any weak seams and all was clear.. so throughout the day I was able to sit, bend, open & close the zipper several times without any stress and did not experience wrinkling and liked the breathability factor... and would best describe the slacks as wear-all-day cotton slacks. I realized that I like the zipper in the side seam... I felt it gave me a slimmer look frontal wise, whereas with my RTW slacks that have front zippers, I tend to have a pouchy look.

I must say I love... totally love my skirt... I've worn it 2 times already... in short, its perfect.

I stopped at the fabric store yesterday to get fabric to make a lining for another skirt I'm working on. Why is it necessary to keep a watchful eye on the fabric cutter? I graciously asked for 6 yards of cotton fabric and turned around to talk to another customer for a nano-second and then turned back around to see if he was finished cutting it, only see him reeling off the material and simultaneously noticed a large yellow stain on it.... urgggh!! I said wait a minute... what is that on the material... he said ohhh that... ohhh when you wash it will come out... I said oh really and then said what about reeling off another 6 yards WITHOUT a stain thank you!!! Gee Wiz... Have you purchased yarn only to get home and notice that its stained...?
Not content with just getting one thing, I stopped at another fabric store and picked-up 3 yards of navy blue cotton-blend fabric and 3 yds of embroidered edging for another skirt..... Oh the pleasure of sewing for moi!!!


Virtuous said…
LOL @ Dropped it like it was hot exercise test! Too funny!

I love the slacks they look good!

Side zippers and no pockets look best on me since I have a small buddha belly! :o)

You are a mess! @ nanosecond
And no he didn't say it will just wash out! Whateva!

Can't wait to see what else you make next!
Your skirt is cute!
Deneen said…
Cute! Cute! Cute!

I really wish I could sew-