I'm finally admitting that I'm an Addict.....

I would like to introduce myself here today at BAA, my name is Sheila and I am a Blog Addict and thanks for welcoming me here to Blog Addicts Anonymous…lol

Blogging is a daily regimen for me, to the point that my cell phone had to have a web browsing feature, so that I can blog anytime, anywhere… can I say Addicted.

What attracts me to Blogs are various components, such as catchy titles, mix of subject matter, pictures, sense of humor, links, tutorials, lil bit about the person and most importantly their projects and progress.

Inquiring minds want to know what keeps you coming back to blogland…. Is it the design, photography, writing style, content, etc.


Virtuous said…
Gurl!! I am a blog addict nut! I am just come to terms with that! At first I was thinking I was blogging too much! But Hey!! I got lots to say! LOL
How about I just switched over to Google Reader for faster updates!! Of course I will blog about that soon too! HA! :op
What cell phone do you have? I have a Treo but my internet is too slow on there to blog (or view them)! I only did it once!

The #1 thing that keeps me coming back to blogs are PICS!! You gotta have them. Especially of your knitting! If not - at "best" I will just scheme thru your entry or not read it at all.

The 2nd thing that keeps me coming back is the writing style/personality/humor!

Those are my 2 main reasons why I am a repeat reader at someone's blog OR they just happen to be a real sweetie! :op
Adrienne said…
Great post! For me it's a little bit of everything. While some people blogs is strictly project related, I like to get that peek into others lives. Kinda makes you feel like you know that person...but that could just be me being NOSEY! LOL :-) I may have to do this one day.
Karen said…
I blog in peaks and valleys! Sometimes I love it, sometimes I just can't bring myself to deal with it as my sporadically updated blog dictates :)
Sheila said…
Thanks for posting.

@Virtuous - I have the Tmobile MDA

@Adrienne - Too funny - me being NOSEY

@Karen - Peaks and Valleys are ok too...lol
Kamika said…
I like sleek design and frequent posts. I'm bad at consistently posting myself but I really can't stand it when someone doesn't post for nearly 2 weeks or even longer.

I also like diversity in projects. I visit a lot of sites but I don't comment on many because they are only knitting socks, or shawls, or etc.
Valerie said…
Hey dear, I just read where you asked me what poncho I was working on. It's the Lion Brand Pretty Poncho pattern and it's free on the Lion Brand website if you want to take a look at it. =)
I just love seeing what's going on with people that I've built a relationship with via the web.

I love getting to know them better and sharing interesting tidbits, advice, ideas and discussing virtually any topic!
anna said…
I feel you about blogging!!!

When it comes to blogs, it comes down to:

1) the projects a knitter's working on. if it's up my ally, i'll be checking her/his blog every hour, LOL.

2) personality/humor. you gotta have a sense of humor about things. plus, it's always fun to get to "know" people through their posts, ya know?
Mary Sarah said…
I just started my blog recently, but I've been reading blogs for awhile now. Love them. It's fun to get to know people I'd never get a chance to otherwise. I love their sense of humors, stories, projects and pictures. I think yours is one of the best!
Yarn It said…
I am soooo with you! Now I think I need to go shopping for one of those phones!

I love your bathroom, by the way. It is fabulous!
jaedoe said…
Oh! hey gurl! I'm glad to be back. And you have revamped your site. I likey...ok gotta get caught up on what youve been up to. I see a redone bathroom post, way to go...change is good. Ive missed blogging and blog-surfin. I just can't stay away.
gold said…
Yes girl I am with you on that!I am going to have to learn how to do the cell phone thing!!!
I am addicted to blogs too! Like you said you can learn new techniques, see new projects and learn a little about a person. I started my blog just cause I wanted to talk about sewing as much as I wanted...and I guess over the last year and a half I've had a lot to say! *LOL*
Anonymous said…
I start off being intrigued by the crafty content, but once you read someone's blog for a while, you get a feel for their personality. I like to think that the blogs I read are written by kind-hearted people...I don't go for much of that snarky stuff. So if you're nice & are crafty, you're OK with me.
Mimi said…
I just love seeing what others are up to. Your blog brings many a giggle( a fav. read) not to mention the wonderful projects.
Pam said…
I can totally relate, I'm a blog addict too. LOVE your revamped skirt!