Love My Blogger Buddies

With all the assurances and compliments on my new knitting venture from my Blogger Buddies... it has allowed me to forge ahead with my Something Tunic.... not Summertime There are still some kinks I need to figure out, but at the same time I am subsconsciously following Pajnstl's mantra.... "Mistakes a/k/a Designer Touches"... Lov It!!! The Summertime Tunic is definitely a perfect pattern for a new knitter. I'm sure the next time around... I will get it right. Christie suggested I heat block it and she was right, it flattened the puckering. Lov it!!! But for right now... here's a looksy at what I've done so far... and note the Designer



I would like to give a Sunday Shout-0ut to my Blogger Buddies for giving me the confidence to keep it going!!!
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Deneen said…
That's gonna look cute when it's done.

I dragged out my sewing machine (okay, not mine, but Elena's little one) and lined a bag and it worked out okay-so inspiration is around!
gold said…
Wow looking good!!!!
Adrienne said…
Glad you are pressing on! LOL, mine is in yarn cakes! lol
Mary Sarah said…
Your sweater is looking great! I have to agree ... your "designer touches" are going to turn out just fine!
Judy said…
Wow, you are almost done! and it looks great. I love the color. Yes, I'm rolling along on my shrug - - I finished the right front and am half way done with the back!
Virtuous said…
Girl it is looking good!! And nobody knows what the pattern called for in this knitted object.

I actually call the Designer Touches, Design Elements. I like the both! :o)

Your personalized tunic is going to look great on you!
Sheila said…
Thanks for the beautiful compliments... I just returned from AC Moore and purchased the ribbon... as for the beads, I will sift through my bead box.. I should find something that'll work.
toya said…
hey girl,, its good you are hanging in there with the knitting, thanks for the shout out!!!
Madelyn said…
Way to go Sheila. It looks great so far.
Cas... said…
Good for you! There are no mistakes just new design techniques! That's what I am talking about!
Anonymous said…
I love the color! And you are doing GREAT! Do you know how long I was knitting before I was brave enough to do a top? Waaaaaay longer than you.
Kamika said…
You've made the tunic real unique and special. I actually like the changes you've made. You've put your usual Sheila spin on it!
I really like that color!! Your Something Tunic is coming out really good!! Love the Designer Touches. :D Good job though!
I myself plan to stick to rectangle's and squares. :-P
Christie said…
Glad to see that it flattened out and is acting right now. See, knitting is so easy! Frustrating sometimes, but pretty easy!
Valerie said…
It looks wonderful! -=applauds=- Thank you for the compliment dear!
anna said…
That is gonna be absolutely gorgeous! You go, girl! :-D It's all about keeping each other motivated. ;-)