Tricks are for Kids

I got the medicine cabinet.... wooohoo!!!, but my bob-the-builders played a nasty trick on me. Although they were out working, I called them and told them that we need to pick up the cabinet no later than 5pm today. Dh & Db were like yeah, so what, we are working... now you know that pissed me off and I hung up the phone... cursing and vowing I wouldn't cook or speak to them. Well around 4:30 they pulled into the driveway and came into house and says lets go... NOW!!! I jump up with a quickness, stop the washing machine and we get into the truck and we drive off... silently I'm praying we get there in time (and simultaneously envisioning them putting the cabinet up TODAY!!!). Abruptly they make a u-turn and say forget it... I'm too tired to go. I damn near needed to be tranquilized as I gawked at them in total bewilderment... as we drove back to the house.

As we pull into the driveway they are like you are so bent on getting that damn cabinet - you didn't see that big azz box in the back of the truck... dummy!!!.

In the back of the truck was the box with the medicine cabinet....*sheepishly grinning* but yet I looked at the both of them and wanted to kill them. Don't they know tricks are for

1/2 hour later I started whining that I wanted the cabinet installed today... well they ventured to the bathroom and while I was downstairs... Dh started yelling at the top of his lungs... cursing up a storm... I'm talking some intense expletives.... the light fixture is too low, which means the cabinet can't fit. Mind you Dh told me we should wait for the cabinet before installing the light fixture... of course I threw a hissy fit and he installed the light... so we go from this...
to this......... uggh!!!


Adrienne said…
EEK! But that cabinet is beautiful!
gold said…
OMG!!!That hurts.That cabinet is nice!!Girl tell them to find some way to get it in!!
Knitaholictoo said…
Uhhh! what happened to the lights! Oh no!
Valerie said…
Sounds very similar to something my family would do to me. -=giggle=- Glad you got it but I am sorry about the lighting woes. Good luck!
ROFLMAO!!!! Shiela you sound tooo much like me!! LOL whew, lemme go pray for your hubby. hahaha

~ NICE cabinet, even NICER hardwoods!!!
Sheila said…
Thanks You!!!
@ Gold: I felt so sorry afterwards... I made a scrumptious dinner... my brother just laughed at us and said we need to do a reality

@Knitaholictoo: They removed the light fixture, which has to be moved up to accommodate the cabinet :0

@Valerie: I'm from a family of pranksters... usually they leave me out.. but they got me good this

@PAJNSTL: As of today... DH has moved up the electrical box, plaster & sanded the old hole and in the process of painting the wall... now tell me ain't he a good