Weekend In Review

Happy Monday all,

My weekend was sooo relaxing and funny. Saturday my mom & step dad came over (at 9:30am, which they call mid-morning runs…lol). But this Saturday morning we were experiencing Hornet problems. Of course, with parents from the South, insects are the least of their problems… but for a bonafide City Gurl… its a nightmare. Well.. they decided they’re going to hang out in the backyard and refused to come into the house (saying in their old age.. who hellz wants to sit up in somebody dayumm house), so I went ahead and provided them with their favorite cold drinks – Gatorade…lol and dh made them comfortable. We chatted up a storm laughing and just enjoying the morning, as they reclined in chairs in the backyard… and I kindly held court from the pantry window….LOL!!!

My lovely bob-the-builder finished building the radiator cover… we purchased the oak, mesh, stain and molding from Home Depot and he made the cover and I stained it…. (can I tell you molding is expensive as all get out). Now, if he only knew that we need at least 5 more of them...lol

Remember this, well I finally completed the hem on the skirt with the new machine, which I am so loving the needle threader and its smooth operation. I had initially completed the side seams on the old sewing machine before it went kaput. But the skirt is a bust, in my attempt to sew the skirt seams with the old machine sputtering and farting... I some how messed of the side seams, so after finishing up the hemming, I tried it on and the sides of the skirt look wonky….uggh!

Last Friday I went to Borders and picked up a couple of magazines... (I forgot to include the crochet today mag...but I got it) and enjoyed a quiet evening browsing through them.

I am so loving the sweater on the cover of Interweave Knits... its stunning.

How did you spend your weekend?


lol @ you holding court through the window!

Do you use the radiators in the winter? If so, are the covers removable?

Don't you just love that new magazine feel. uncreased pages and all that jazz. :D
Sheila said…
Hi Pajnstl:
The radiators are functional in the winter and with the mesh front it will allow the heat to come through.. and the cover is removal. I was totally drooling over the new mags.
Adrienne said…
Glad you had a good weekend!! The cover looks nice. How is the knitsimple? I haven't seen it here yet.
Deneen said…
What a great weekend! I love the radiator covers. We have some in the living room, play room and downstairs bedroom (none upstairs), but I would love some darker stained wood ones, nice job.

We spent the weekend blueberry picking, seeing Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix and swimming-nothing got accomplished around the house, but all in all, it was a good weekend.
Anonymous said…
Nice weekend, Sheila. I spent mine reading one humongous book & knitting hats; peaceful & quiet, my favorite kind of weekend.
Wanda Kay said…
Sounds like a terrific time, even though the hornets decided to come for a visit the same day.

The radiator cover looks great, your hubby did a very nice job.
Virtuous said…
Glad you had a nice weekend!

As you know I had a fab TV Knit Marathon this weekend! :oD
Valerie said…
That radiator cover looks beautiful! Many Many props to Bob the builder of your household!

I love hearing about your family. Your mom and her reactions are just awesome!

My weekend was pretty basic. Did the hanging out around the house thing for the most part. That's fine with me though, I am usually always running somewhere.
anna said…
LOL @ being scared of the critters outside. I feel ya, ma! City Girl thru and thru! :-D

Going to Barnes & Nobles for some new books always relaxes me! My weekend was pretty boring, LOL ! ! !