Ballet Tee -w- Modifications

Happy Saturday All,

I'm sure all had a good week - well not the whole week - for those in New York, Wednesday was a total horror. It amazes me how rain can shut down a dayummm city... go figure. I spent the better part of 5 hours... yes, 5 dayumm hours getting to work - can I say I was also able to get quite a bit of knitting done too.

Ok, on to knitting news - Adrienne did a fantastic job on the Ballet Tee, which is a tank worked in the round from the neck down. I really like the simplicity of it and had to cast on.

Thanks to Adrienne I casted on for the Ballet Tee and was doing well up until Rnd 13. I fumbled and fumbled and just couldn't get it right. I ripped out what I'd did and started again, and low and behold if I didn't have the same darn problem. Of course, Adrienne was gracious to extend any help I needed. Being that I'm always on a quest to do something different I casted on for a 3rd time and decided I'm gonna work this sucker from the bottom up. I'm using LB Cotton Ease, I had 2 balls of taupe left and 1/2 ball of terracotta after completing my knitting bag.

Here is the bottom and working upward (I lightened the pic b/c it was too dark - hence the difference in the last pic)

I did experience some problems working with large needles and concerned that the stitches were too loose, but I pushed on. Once I got to the bust part I divided for the armholes following the pattern by doing a temporary crochet bind-off of 20 sts.

Ok... your probably saying what is a temporary crochet bind-off - well I didn't knot the end of the last crochet bind-off b/c I knew I had to undo the bind-off to join the front and back to create the neck opening, I will say it was tricky but with a couple of cups of java.... I got it. I will continue on with the neck opening and then work the sleeves... can you say a lil prayer for

I was able to try it on and so far its looking ok. I'm also trying to focus on simple projects, b/c I some how keep ending up with purl stitches, when it should be knit sts... but with practice I will eventually get it right and be able to move on to intermediate projects.


Virtuous said…
I swear you are a designer at heart!!!

Keep knitting away!

I plan to work on this pattern soon! Inspiration from Adrienne as well!! :oD
Ma'at said…
Shelia, You are amazing. I aspire to be as creative as you. Keep up the fabulous work. Congrats on all the new skills and beautiful pieces.
Wanda Kay said…
That is looking great, can't wait to see it finished.
Monique said…
You're knitting now also. Isn't it fun to do both?! I'm machine knitting and crocheting now and having a blast.
Adrienne said…
GIRL!!! Look at you!!! I have a sweater I need you to design lol...let me send you a pic! LOL
Sheila said…
Thank You!!! I've started on the sleeve but and running out of the taupe yarn... so I'm going to use the 1/2 ball of terracotta - I opted to crochet them... so we'll see how that turns
This is a really pretty top! And you have caught onto that knitting thing really fast! :)
So what does it mean when you fumble...does it mean you miss a stitch or something?