Window Dressing

My sewing venture always focused on home décor (duvet covers, curtains to re-fashioning chair cushions) and recently I’ve taken to trying my hands at garments. I’ve taken to frequenting clothing stores to gleam the latest fashions and check-out the composite of their garments, which gives me a better idea of what to look for and how to finish my garments. I’m also known for stepping-out-of-the-box, when it comes to accessorizing my home - I look at the items and try and find other purposes for them. Something as small as using liquor decanters to hold my sugar and coffee instead of its intended purpose, which makes for a nice Well I’ve taken the stepping-out-of-the-box (SOOTB) approach when looking for fabric now.

I love jacquard/damask fabric and use them often to make curtains or pillow covers. Well I came across a lovely pattern while out shopping with my mom. You know I got a lot of feedback from her, “you’re buying those to make what!! -or- Daughter of mine… that there is some foolery–or- didn’t you tell me something about some sheets… you made what!!! Pants… you need to get out more and not just to work"…lol

Lastly, I must admit a lot of sewing inspiration comes from reading Blogs of Sewing Divas, just to name a few:

Sewing Fantatic Diary
Erica Bunker
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Well looky here... while out shopping with Momma Dearest... this caught my eye.. ummmm... *my brain is churning every so slowly*

Mom and I went into a Linen store to check out some comforters and the store was having a curtain sale - Panels for $4.99. We browsed the various sale items and I zeroed in on the gray-blue panels by Springmaid and they also came in a soft lavender... Darn - now that I think about it I should of bought that one too.

Fabric 51% Cotton/49% Polyester - Size 50" x 84"

I used New Look 6569 and opted not to use the Lining.

I totally love the fabric with its tonal floral pattern. The Care instructions read Dry Clean only but I figured cotton/polyester can definitely be washed and washed it I did w/o any problems.
While out window shopping I noticed a lot of Big Bold Floral skirts and decided the curtain panel was perfect to make a skirt. Although I mentioned that I would make one more skirt with New Look 6569... I realized I purchased quite a bit of material for skirts... so back to the sewing board.


Deneen said…
You are too much (in a good way :))
Adrienne said…
Girl LOOK at you!!!! I LOVE that skirt pattern!!! I've made it so many times! LOL
Valerie said…
That is terrific! You really are an amazing crafter. It's awesome to see what you can take and make into something else!
gold said…
Now you know I am going to go out and try this too!!Haha!!I love it !!It looks great and the designs on the fabric or should I say panel looks nice!!
April said…
It looks really cute! Now...who's teeeeeeny waist is that? Yours?
Cas... said…
Very cute skirt! You did a good job! I really like that you tried something different. Keep up the good work!
Mary Sarah said…
Beeeauuuutiful! Way Cool! I love you "thinking outside the box"! I'm not so good at that, but I'll work on that or copy other peoples' thinking. I have an accounting degree ... what can I say?
Carmell said…
that is too cute!!! i love those style skirts. kind of looks like the old timey poodle skirt. i have been thinking about sewing clothes for me girls...bought the pattern... got some fabric... haven't got around to it though!!! ;)
Sheila said…
Thank You.
@ Deneen - I will try anything

@ Adrienne - I guess this will be my TNT.

@ Gold - Definitely try it - I got so many compliments.

@ April - That teeny waist is mine.. but I was turned at an angle with my stomach sucked

@ Mary Sarah - Stepping-outside-of-the-box can turn something boring into something interesting.
Yarn It said…
The skirt is gorgeous! I love it and it fits you wonderfully.
Christie said…
very cute!
Love the fact that you "saw" a skirt in the linen section and then came home and made it come true. Loves that! And thanks for the inspiration shout out! I am truly honored that my ramblings inspire you!
Virtuous said…
Work the skirt girl!! Unbelieveable!
Nettie said…
Hey Shelia, can't find your email address. Send it to me so I can keep you in the loop re the Bed stuy craft meet-up.
Andrea said…
I'm impressed. Looking good girl!!!
anna said…
Now that is CUTE!!! Work that skirt with them legs. Tina Turner; watch out!!! Using sheets on sale? Genius!!!
Fleurs said…
looking sexy girl
Oh I am sooo super jealous but all in a good way...that look so much better as a skirt than a window treatment!!!