I Needed A Quickie

Arrived home yesterday from work bone tired and I'd be doggone if I was going to bed early. I sat in the kitchen for at least a half an hour debating if I had enough energy to cook dinner. Tuned into Oprah and at that point decided to cook while I checked out her show, which featured a novel from her book club, Middlesex. I will definitely add it to my must read list, which is about self-discovery, family secrets and an extraordinary genetic history. After that I was still exhausted although I'd hoped after cooking I would get a second wind. Determined not to go to bed early, I dragged myself upstairs and sat in my craft room, thinking whether I should work on Ruby or sew. Well, what came to mind was a quickie... that's what I needed and knew it would definitely perk me up. I pulled out my box of tricks and sifted through my lil trinkets and magazines to get something going.

Well this is my quickie .....
Pom-Pom Slippers...lol

I came across a Crochet Today! 2006 issue and decided the pom-pom slippers would be a great quickie. I used some worsted weight yarn and a H hook and crocheted away...lol. Perfect foot warmers... wished I had them last week when it was super chilly, but now I can put my flip flops away and enjoy these. I will definitely make a few more...lol

After that I was rearing to go and pulled out New Look Pattern 6435, which consists of Pant, Jacket, Vest and a Bag. I'm using a dark brown Suede Microfiber fabric and when I purchased this fabric my mind was set on making a jacket, but opted for making the pants instead.

I cut the pattern for a size 16 and followed this Pants Tips for a better fit. I am short waisted (I think that's the right term) and very rarely use the yoke that comes with a pattern. When I wear pants with a yoke it gives the appearance that my breasts are sitting on my waist...lol. I've read that its best to adjust fit along the side seams, but it doesn't work for me and I have to dabble with the center front or center back seam to get the right fit. This pattern calls for a front zipper, but I'll tweak it for a side zipper. Having the front free of a zipper and placed on the side gives me a slender look.

I may just have to go back and get some more of this fabric, b/c I still would like to make a jacket and bag. I've baste stitched it and tweaked the center back for a better fit and totally liking the feel and look of the fabric and hope to finish it this weekend.

Right side of fabric

Wrong side of fabric, which is just as nice...haha
Last but not least, I got my hands on some knit fabric in some nice colors especially the Coral Rose and Dark Rust... and looking to make a few tops.

These knit tops would be an added plus to my wardrobe
Enjoy your Weekend Alll!!


Deneen said…
I need a quickie too-any kind will do ;).

It seems like the past week has been crazy and I've been doing that same dinner thing-do I even feel like it? Cold cereal is healthy, right?
Pam said…
I hear ya about needing a quickie, if I get that I do a BICO or baby booties, nothing like quick and satisfying!

I think it is the "need to complete" and I find if I've got long drawn out projects (in life and in crochet) I need quickies a lot more.
Nettie said…
Wow that was lot for a quickie!
Valerie said…
-=giggle=- You are the energizer bunny of the crafting world. I love seeing what you'll come up with next. Everything you make turns out too cute!
Sheila said…
The pom-pom slippers were a definite fix, so much so that I'm on my second pair...lol.

@ Deneen: Oh I'm so not into cooking some nights that there are evenings when I tell everyone feast or famish is all on you tonight and I kindly make myself a bowl of oatmeal...lol
anna said…
i am loving those patterns and the fabric!

ROFL @ a quickie. i feel ya! that bone tired feeling after coming home from work is a doozy!
Adrienne said…
Tee hee @ quickie lol
gold said…
Love your quickie you made!!I can't wait until you finish your sewing project!!

Some days we just don't feel like cooking!!
Okay this has nothing to do with sewing/knitting or crocheting. I have my copy of Middlesex in hand. I was going to read it next but just finished the Thousand Suns book and needed something trasher to read...so as soon as I finish the new Sandra Brown novel...I am sooooo reading Middlesex. Let me know what you think about it when you start reading it!