Point of Return

I’d purchased several skeins of Ella Rae Amity worsted weight yarn (200yds) in a vibrant blue to do a cable sweater. My selection was based on reviewing several yarn shops, declaring that the yarn is wonderful for sweaters, cabled textured garments, colorwork, etc. Also, perfect for garments that can be washed & dried. As I casted-on I thought the yarn was a tad bit rough and figured once I start working it up for sure it wouldn’t feel so rough. (I just finished a cashmere/merino tank… could that be it!!! pics to follow).

Well after 4 rows… I’m not content.
At what point do you decide that the yarn you purchased is not working out for you and your intended project?

(A) Do you decide immediately after pulling the yarn out of the shipping package
(B) Do you decide after a few squeezes and a closer look at the color…?

(C) Do you decide after letting it lay around for a few days…?

(D) Do you decide after you’ve worked up the swatch…?


lillysmuul said…
I always use the yarn I bought for project and if there is something wrong it will be UFO(unfinished object) then ;).
But maybe your mind is actually making desision already when you first see the yarn...Hmm....never thought of that...
Christie said…
Sometimes its all of those things.

I bought the eco wool for the cabled sweater and upon looking at it, the color didn't strike me as being right. I thing usually the color of the item is the first thing to give me indication if it's right or not.

Swatching also...sometimes the feel of the yarn is wrong.
Lesalicious said…
Well when I buy yarn I am mainly always buying the same brands. I am not used to buy yarn though the net because I like to feel it and know I can work with it. When my friends and family buy yarn for me they know what I like from seeing all my buckets of yarn in my house. But, sometimes we need to fight with our yarn just to make what we want. lol
Adrienne said…
I try and use the recommended yarn. If I can't I search high and low until I find something that is ALMOST the same. I haven't run into a problem with using the wrong yarn yet, but I will be following this post. Great question.
Virtuous said…
Sometimes it is all of those things for me as well too.

I could look at it right when it comes out of the box and not like it! Haha! Or how it feels does it for me too or 1/2 way thru the project I hate it! HA! And other times I just did come off a knitting high with something uber soft and have to reset my mind about the new yarn for the purpose of the project. Of course for SB you want something warm and that drapes nicely but not heavy!

But I was say do a cable swatch and see what is what...if you really still hate it return it. This project is too big for you to be miserable with the yarn. But I do like all the color choices it comes in!

What fiber is this yarn??
Mary Sarah said…
Good Question! I usually decide I don't like a yarn when I'm making the project. If I like the yarn, I'll start again and again until I find the right pattern stitch and/or guage I want. A few times I could tell right away I didn't like the yarn for the project I wanted and put it away. I either find another use for it, still have it or give it away.
Cas... said…
Well I use the recommended yarn or a yarn very close to it like Adrienne. I have made projects using different yarns and I continue until I finish or they become UFOs.

I would just unravel it and put it away to use for another project.
Tany said…
I would say option D... Most of the time.
Anonymous said…
If the color isn't what I envisioned, I just can't work with it. That happens sometimes when I order online.

If it's how the yarn feels, I TRY & stick with it. But I'd have to do a swatch & wash it to see if it feels any different afterwards. But it's important to me to love the feeling of the yarn in my hands & if I don't, it's usually too hard for me to continue using it.
Sheila said…
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I put in an email to Seaport Yarns about returning it for Debbie Bliss Chelsea yarn. Still waiting for a response. Keep in mind, prior to knitting I was an acrylic queen.... go figure.

@ Virtuous: The yarn is 75% Acrylic/25% Wool