I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Valerie and must reveal 7 Facts about myself.

1. Totally Despise driving.

2. Of all the rooms in my house… I love to hangout in the bathroom

3. I want a tattoo, but terrified.

4. Finally learned to love cooking.

5. Always wanted to be a Belly Dancer.

6. Ok…. what else….ummmmm… this is getting hard… oh yeah... I think I can sing…. lol

7. I’m a Day Dreamer....... whew that was hard.


Cas... said…
Interesting. I guess my job would drive you crazy! I drive a lot but I don't mind. I have the wunderlust! LOL! Belly Dancer! Woo Hoo! I never really thought about that. I guess since I do not have any hips why bother! I am straight with no curves in that area.

Great idea to list these. I guess I will try it myself on my blog.
Virtuous said…
I hate when I get tagged. I so don't participate, but I love to read them! HAHA!

And you know I take belly dancing classes for fun! You should sign up in your area too! You will love it! It is such a wonderful art form!
Anonymous said…
Ditto to #1...add "I hate getting gas" to that, too.

I've always wanted to learn belly-dancing. Never say never, I might still do it. What about you?
Adrienne said…
HAHAH! Fun to read girl!
Nettie said…
We have a couple of things in common. I always wanted to be a belly dancer or any kind of dancer really and I still daydream like I did as a child.
Valerie said…
I am still learning to cook. Most of the time Grim does it all so dinner is ready when I get home.
anna said…
oooh, i'm scurred of tattoos but want one too! :-D it's good to get to know about fellow bloggers this way!
Sheila said…
Thanks for posting. I am every driver's worst nightmare when it comes to driving.. there are just too many things to pay attention to - and on top of that I have a tendency to daydream while driving...LOL Oh! lets not talk about getting gas I will pay for full service to avoid pumping gas..haha!

I actually purchased a belly dancer dvd in the hopes of getting some techniques down and to mix of my workout - watched the tape once...lol

I've been totally spoiled for years with regard to cooking. Just last year I started getting into cooking to give dh a break... but he is definitely a better cook and whips up a gourmet meal in seconds - whereas I have to have every darn gadget handy and then become OC while trying to cook...lol
Latoya said…
Tagged! Smile. I, at times, despise driving, too. But driving while knitting...just kidding.

Knit on!
Mary Sarah said…
That was fun to read! Let's see. I drive and I don't mind it. I get to curse a lot! lol! I always thought I'd scare someone is I tried belly dancing. I used to cook and I used to like it. I still like to read cookbooks though. ??
urbanknitrix said…
I hear you when it comes to driving, I have my license but do not drive, I have it for identification purposes only. And for the daydreaming - yup, definitely me. And I love to dance and I KNOW I can't carry a darn tune, but I love to sing - sang.
gold said…
Girl get you some belly dancing classes!!I want a tattoo too ,but I am chicken!!
Wow! A belly dancer!!!! Now that's hot! Thanks for sharing your seven things.