Crochet Tunic

Hello All, I'm sure everyone is getting ready for the New Year. I'm not sure where I'll be, but most likely, there will be music and

My weekend has been a crochet frenzy. A young lady asked me to make her a Crochet Tunic in a luscious red. I'm actually a week over due for this project, but with several days off, I was able to make some headway. It worked up rather quickly using Caron Simply Soft yarn and with its weight, luster and sheen it works well for this garment. Hopefully I will be able to get the sleeves done in the next day or two and I will do them in double crochet, which should speed things along. This project was done in the round and I did 6" of double crochet and the body is done in single crochet. To get the sizing right I asked her to give me one of her sweaters, so that was very useful. Once I've completed it - there will be a lot of steaming and blocking to give more flair and she can be daring and wear it as a dress.

For 2007 Tunics were a must-have and dubbed the Foho trend (faux bohemian). I remember using tunics as swimsuit cover ups, but this year women were looking for a laid back style, which could be dressed if need be with a belt or scarf or adorned with embroidery and/or jewels and in came Tunics. Check out whose been showing off Tunics/Dresses: Bloomingdales, Juicy Couture, Romans, Nordstrom, Anna Sui, Forever 21.

In looking back at my pics I did a sweater similar to the one above about a year ago and chuckle at the irony of it.
Do you think this trend will continue in 2008?


Adrienne said…
Happy New Year!!! Love that red girl!
gold said…
That is beautiful!!
You have a very happy New Year!!:)
Yarn It said…
The tunic is to die for! I love it! Pattern please! I am always impressed at your amazing design talent.
Cas... said…
Happy New Year to you Sheila!

You are ending the year with a fabulous sweater. I love she can wear it as a tunic or a dress. Smart fashion style!

I hope the tunic continues. I love them and they flatter my hipless figure! LOL!
jae said…
nice color and great style around the are inspiring me to crochet something wearable.
love your new blog look.
Anonymous said…
Oooooo, I like the way you did the belts with it. Very nice! She's very lucky to get a one-of-a-kind handcrafted tunic from you. Happy new year!
Virtuous said…
Yes I think this trend will continue!

I love the one you made last year with the loss stitches and lovin' the one in progress as well.

I would so wear the tunic over some cute jeans with a belt! And you know that is my color!
Pam said…
Tunics are timeless in my opinion. Love your latest version!

Happy New Year! -Pam
Happy New Year, the red is great! and I'll still be rocking tunics in '08 :)
Lesalicious said…
I like I like, Your lady friend will love it. I even love the one you did about a year ago. Cute, Happy New Years:)
Valerie said…
I bet she's going to love it!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful New Year!

I really like that last sweater! I think I am going to have to find a knitting pattern for something similar.
Anonymous said…
this is soooo cute!!! i love the shade of red!!!
I agree with Pam. some things are just timeless.

Great job!!!