Blazing Along

Hello All and TGIF!!! yeah!!!!

Talk about a rough week with end of the year deadlines and a cold that just won't leave me - it felt like I worked 7 days instead of 5. All I can say is its FRIDAY...Yeah!! so I rushed home to focus on my blazer, which is slowly coming along. Working with 13 pieces was a trying experience, but nonetheless, its a good sewing work-out for a novice sewer.

However, I have some reservations though, its so looking like a U.P .S. Jacket..uggh and the garment is rather boxy so I adorned it with a belt to get some visual on it.... ummm not sure. One sleeve has been sewn in, and the second one has been ripped out and pinned again, somehow, the shoulder was not laying flat.

I understand that interfacing is used for stability and the pattern called for interfacing the front facings, but it was just too bulky once I folded the fabric in half. I also noticed that when I folded the front facings, they were too wide - making the blazer more boxy. Instead I removed the interfacing and did a 3 fold which narrowed the front facings and offered stability just as if I'd used interfacing. In sewing the facings from the inside of the blazer I belatedly realized that my stitching veered off the front part of the facing... and I was fit to be tied. I had to rip out the stitching...uggh, talk about pulling out the bifocals to see the Finally I realized that I needed to top stitch it like I did the collar... lesson learned.
Also interfacing was called for on the cuffs, but I modified it so that I could flip up the cuffs, and cut 2 more pieces of fabric, once I realized that if I flipped up the cuff the interfacing would show. Again I removed the interfacing and sewed the fabric pieces together. Hopefully tomorrow I will tackle the blazer again, finishing the second sleeve, completing the cuffs and hem it. As for the closure I'm not sure.... I've never done button holes and unsure if that's what I want, so I'll sleep on that. I've been checking out some sewing dvds to aid and abet in mastering this garment sewing - right now my list include:

In other news, I finally finished the baby set and now need to sew in my labels, wash, dry and package it.... whew glad that's at the finishing line.
Beside my crafting, has everyone completed their holiday shopping or waiting to the last minute...?


Adrienne said…
There is a site that will let you rent DVD's, if that is something you are interested in it. Someone linked it but I can't remember who. Here is the link

gold said…
That jacket looking good!It don't look like a ups jacket to me.Girl you are doing your thang!

Far as Christmas shopping goes not done yet!

Have a great weekend!!
Pajnstl said…
the baby gift set is adorablem
Sheila ~ a couple of things:

1. Buy some amazing buttons to go down the front of the jacket. They will act as decoration and take away from some of the UPS-ness of the jacket.

2. Use this as a learning experience...even I don't make wonderful things every time and it was practice, practice, practice that finally made it work.

3. Another book to add to your list, from Taunton's Sewing Companion Library, "Easy Guide to Sewing Jackets" by Cecelia Podolak.

Re: Smartflix
I have rented from them in the past and have only one reservation about takes a minute to receive the DVDs so the next time I rent from them I will definitely plan better!

Re: Christmas Shopping
Some of it is sewing (pjs, doll clothes) but most of it is money and gift cards...not so hard to do! The one upside of my DDs getting older!

Finally, relax and enjoy the process - if this jacket isn't perfect, the next one will be because of all the things you learned on this one!
Lesalicious said…
Love the jacket very nice you did great on it and the belt just gives it more of a look. Great crochet baby set cute:)I am still doing a little Christmas shopping mainly for my girls. :)
artist1lisa said…
Your jacket is looking nice with that belt. The baby set is beautiful.
Sheila said…
Thanks all for the compliments and advice. I worked on the blazer this morning and ripped out the second sleeve 3 times... do you hear me 3 times... so I'm taking a break and will tackle it tomorrow. But I did do a lil fabric shopping and purchased some patterns also to make up for my unproductive morning :]
Mimi said…
Lovely baby set!
Faye Lewis said…
Hey Sheila, thanks for commenting on my blog. I've got to figure out how to fit a new camera into the budget soon. Love your designs.
bugg said…
I will post a pic of the book(s) on my blog. The book are published by Paton's and they are mini-mags. I bought them from Jo-Ann Fabrics (don't know if you have those in your area. Please let me know if you have trouble finding them.
Virtuous said…
Dang you still have that cold??
Hope you kick it's nasty butt for good!

LOL @ UPS well I am glad someone came thru with advice b/c I have nada!!
I am sure it will all work out, just remember you are learning a lot & your retail therapy didn' hurt either!

How about you just reminded me I am supposed to be over here working on a baby set too...sigh
Anonymous said…
Ooooo, like the new blog look! It's fantastic.

I really liked the jacket with the belt. I love choco brown anyway & if you wear it with non-brown pants, it won't look like UPS. Now if you wear brown shorts & boots with it, then...LOL.
gold said…
Love your new look!!I am going to have to go to that website and change mind!
Lashell said…
Love the new look of your blog. That is one of the things I am going to do on my vacay.
Lisa said…
What a great jacket. That looks fabulous. I love the little baby knits too.

Happy holidays!

Anonymous said…
that jacket in progress looks so nice. some jackets need a little boxy style to them to give 'em their flavor! ;-)

love the crocheted baby set. looks like it'll keep the baby snug and warm!
Virtuous said…
Happy Blog Annivesary!! :oD

I almost used this background on my blog! Haha!
latoya said…
your blog looks so beautiful, and your jacket is equally beautiful, you look great