2008 Sewing Venture

One of my New Year Goals is to sew more of my clothes and since I had the pain and pleasure of experimenting last year, I'm feeling more confident in 2008. I purchased a few items to aid and abet me in helping me sew better garments. Pressing ham: Now I can press curves and those hard to reach spots;

Seam roll: Totally love this little gadget, I can properly press my sleeves and darts. I've been using it to iron my work blouses, now I don't have to fret over how to get rid of the crease on my sleeves.

Dressmaker Rule: Now I can accurately get that 5/8 that I can never seem to get by just eye-balling.

Iron Safe Home Iron Shoe: I tend to get a little heavy handed with the iron and now this little gadget keeps me from scorching my fabrics.

6 Sewing DVDs by Palmer Pletsch: Pant Sewing, Jackets for Real People, Learn to Sew a Blouse, 21 Century Sewing, Perfect Fusing and Serger Basics. Talk about awesome, Marta Alto's tips and tricks are what I definitely need to improve my sewing.

There are two more items I need to get, which are a point presser board and stick to help me with my collars.
So I started my first 2008 sewing project, which is a button-up blouse. I'm using New Look 6732, which consists of 5 versions of misses blouses. The blouse I'm working up is Version A and using the sleeves from Version D. I was snoop shopping and gleamed a blouse in the Loft and like the look of the ruffled cuff. The fabric I chose for this project is 96% cotton/4% spandex in a gorgeous olive that is subtlety iridescent.

When I pulled out the pattern, I almost shoved it back in the packaging, when I saw the dart markings, but after viewing one of the dvds I felt I could do it. So I pressed on and managed to get them done. There is some puckering and hopefully I will improve with practice. So far I've sewn up the shoulder seams, and completed one of the front bands and again after viewing the Learning to Sew a Blouse DVD, I'm happy with the way it looks so far. I've also learned not to sew the side seams until the sleeves are done, so for now they are baste stitched.

I'm itching to get this blouse finished so I can wear it next week. I can just visualize it paired with the slacks I purchased at the Loft.

Matter of fact, last week I wore these slacks and just love it. Not only that I made them but talk about just work horse slacks, no wrinkling, down right comfortable and no dry cleaning, I just throw them in the washing machine and dry flat... totally loooooove it. More reason to learn all there is to know about sewing garments so that I can proudly say I made this blouse and the slacks as well...lol.

What is everyone working on for their 1st 2008 project.


Okay girl, you need to let people know where you went because I couldn't believe you just vanished from blogland!

BTW, those are great purchases and will go a long way to bringing your sewing up to the next level. And I'm liking what I see so far of the olive blouse!
Tany said…
Up until now I was unable to access your blog too!

It sounds like you are seriously getting into sewing: consider yourself warned: it's VERY addictive!!
Lesalicious said…
I agree you can't pop away from us lol. But, looks like you off to a great 2008. You already to get your sewing on. Love your shirt can't wait to see it when you done. Oh where you get your DVD's for sewing I just can't seem to get any that I like.:) Take care no disappearing anymore.
Anonymous said…
the slacks AND the blouse?!?! wow. i love the colors that you chose for both items. i'm excited to see that blouse finished! i'm working on finishing up some socks and juliet (which is a superfast knit!)
Andrea said…
Hey girl, I have to agree with Carolyn and Tany! I clicked on my shortcut for you, and it said, sorry gone. I was like what? If it wasn't for the comment you left Gold, I would still be look for you(don't worry, I would have hunted you down =). Anyway, I love how your shirt is coming along. I can't wait to see it finished.

I want to do more sewing this year also. My first projects for 2008 are a knitted wedding garter, and the Spring Shawl Surprise.

Happy New Year!!
Valerie said…
One of my craft related goals is to learn how to use a sewing machine. I really want to make my own clothes.

I am still finishing up the tree jacket. My next Cast On project is probably going to be a lace scarf of some kind.