I'm Back Up & Running

Happy Sunday my Dear Bloggers,

My lil laptop was acting up and needed a speedbooster. Of course, after installing the software, I couldn't get on line.... sheesh and to top it off no telephone service for a week and still no service, but the funny thing is my daughter had internet service the whole time. Dh called our telephone provider requesting a credit to our account for every 24hrs that we've been w/o service. They keep telling us its a computer problem... Thank goodness we have cell phones.

Well in the meantime I have been crafting. I've been on a cable hat run and churned out a few cuties. All of the hats were done flat & seamed up and used a flat pattern from Kody May (heavily modified).

1- Gray hat (2nd time making a gray hat) cables on the bottom and rib stitches at the top (Caron Simply Soft Yarn);
2 -Soft Blue Hat (2nd time making a blue hat) 8 cables and crochet the crown of the hat (Caron Simply Soft Yarn);
3-Tan Hat has 6 cables and trimmed out in crochet (Red Heart Yarn);
4- Burgundy Hat has 10 cables and trimmed out in crochet and did 2 cables on the scarf also trimmed out in crochet, which measure 42" (Caron Simply Soft Yarn).

Here's a closer look at the burgundy set.
I'm so loving these quick gratification projects...lol. I'm ready for a bigger knit project, preferrably a vest, so I'm looking around for a cool pattern - any suggestions...?

On the sewing front, I put the final touches of dh pjs, which were 2 buttons. He briefly spazed-out about the red buttons, but I had to explain to him that they're cranberry and thought the color choice for the buttons worked well b/c the fabric has deep red lines in them.. I guess he didn't see the red lines...lol. I used New Look 6764
Did some fabric shopping (I really need to stop b/c I'm running out of room...lol)
Grey Cotton-Stretch Twill (95% Cotton, 5% Spandex)

Cinnamon Stretch Microfiber (50% Cotton 47% Polyester 3% Lycra)
Project: New Look 6516

Off White Cotton Lycra (92% Poly/8% Spandex)
Project: New Look 6928

Black & White sheer fabric (100% polyester)
Project: New Look 6755 Tan/White Stripe Shirting (97% Cotton 3% Lycra)
Project New Look 6407

The plaid and stripe fabric I will have to tread carefully, b/c it will be my first time working with plaids and stripes.
Now I need to tipsy on over to Google Reader and check-out what everyone has been up to.


Adrienne said…
What type of vest? U neck, V neck...
Virtuous said…
Welcome back to blogland so glad you are up and running!!

Gurl you are putting my meager attempts to finish these charity hats to shame!

I am luvin' the cables at the bottom and ribbing at the top hat. How many did you CO for that hat and cable sts??
jae said…
i really like the super soft feel of caron simply soft and the price is right too!
Sorry about the telephone problems...but love your quick gratification projects!

Ummmm that fabric thing is becoming an addiction and I can see you slipping to the dark side! *LOL* But hey, I'm right here withcha!
Jessica said…
Thanks for the comment about the fabric. For some reason the link that I had on my page to your blog suddenly began sending me to a blog called evnoy88. I am not sure what is going on with it and I thought I should let you know.
Lesalicious said…
Glad to see you back dang phone. Loving your latest cable hats neat. Ooo I see you have a lot of sewin projects up your sleeve for the future can't wait to see them all:)Oh thanks for the bday wishes bday was great:)
Kayo said…
I love the red scarf. Wish I could knit.
Cas... said…
You know you are rockin' over there! I am so impressed. I love the hats!

I can't wait to see your finished projects! I will check back tomorrow for them! LOL!
Knitaholictoo said…
Ok Sheila...back away from the the fabrics! Or you'll end up like me! LOL! The stripe is so pretty!
Anonymous said…
I'm so glad your back!
Tany said…
I'm glad to see you're back! I've been ther (computer problems) so I know how it is!

You have been busy alright!
Anonymous said…
LOL@hubby tripping over the red buttons. It's not like they're pink or shaped like Hello Kitty, LOL. They look great on those pj's.

The hats are all so cute. Great job!
Deb-VA said…
There's a great vest in the magknits.com archives - it even has cables...... here's the link

KimT said…
wow! You have been working! I need to get going!