Olive Blouse Progress

Happy Sunday Dear Bloggers,

I'm sure everyone is up and getting their breakfast on and preparing for dinner. As for me I am determined to finished this daggone blouse....lol. (my stomach is growling as I type :0)

Well, last night I completed the collar and Thank Goodness for Marta Alto's DVD (http://www.palmerpletsch.com/) it was a tremendous help on sewing the collar and neckband, otherwise I would have been fudging it. I found a nifty tool to push out the corners of the collar and neckband, none other than a cuticle stick...haha! It worked so well that I will be buying a few of them...lol. I will say that the collar is a bit to big for my liking, but it will work for this project. Also Marta's trick for setting in the neck band was priceless. By pinning just the ends of the neckband to the front band on each side and then pinning the center notches... makes it easy to fit the remainder of the neck band. This morning I set in the sleeves, which was very trying. I did follow the DVD, but ended up doing it my way to keep from pulling my hair out. Please tell me why are the sleeve arms so darn wide, whereas I had to spend a good portion of the morning tweaking the circumference. When I initially pinned the sleeves and tried them on - the fit was more of a bell sleeve starting below the sleeve cap on, which is not what the pattern pic shows.

There is still the cuff to do, which I am changing and I need to do the button holes and buttons. I'm taking a mid-morning break and try to get some household chores done, and then back to working on this blouse.

Ok sistah friends, inspire me... what is everyone cooking for dinner today?


Anonymous said…
Good question. It's 1:00 here & I still don't know what we're having for dinner, lol.

The shirt is really, really pretty! Sorry it's been giving you trouble...it sounds difficult, but you seem to be doing a great job.
Andrea said…
I love the way your shirt is turning out. You're giving me inspiration. I am going to have to check that website out. Thank you. Sew on girl!!
Mary Sarah said…
Hey! Your blouse is looking great! You sure know how to pick the "fun" projects! Great sewing supplies you got too. Dinner? We're going out to a movie and dinner. Otherwise, I could ask my husband what he was going to make. I'm spoiled, I know. I don't cook anymore. My husband likes to. There is one trade off though. He doesn't clean, so that's up to me. He's a messsier cook than I used to be. Oh well ... he's a good cook! Later!
Cas... said…
Well I am finally checking out your blog again. I was wondering what was going on over there! LOL!

I like the blouse. You are doing well. I can't wait to see you model it.

Smart to buy the videos and sewing acessories. I want the Palmer Pletsch ones. I really need them for when I start my pants.

As for dinner I will be having leftover lasagne my friend made for me yesterday evening. It was very good.

Take Care!
Judy said…
OMG! You have an unbelievable skill - this shirt is beautifully made. I love it!
gold said…
Girl that blouse is looking great!I am loving that color you are using.
Deborah said…
I'm so jealous of your sewing. That blouse is perfection!