I finally narrowed down my project for Ebony Elite KAL. I spent all week looking for a project that would work with my stash... no luck. Then this morning I bum rushed to Borders to get Fitted Knits, finally deciding that I would like to do the Back to School U Neck Vest, but no luck... sheesh. On top of that I actually had to work for my money today. I was busy all day at work unable to really do any blogging and/or search for a free knit project... how dare they...lol. So I dragged myself home mumbling that I will go check out Garden Stitches. Well lo & behold my dbl blessed me with several hanks of Tahki Donegal Tweed in charcoal... doing the happy dance.So I decided on an Open-Necked Sweater by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton from Knit Simple (Spring/Summer 2006) issue. The pattern calls for Cotton Classic, but I decided to make it a winter garment and did a swatch.... yes, Sheila did a swatch using the recommended US 7 needles, which is unheard of....lol. and the gauge was a tad bit big, so I may do one more swatch with a smaller needle. I actully did the swatch in the stitch the pattern called for which is a seed stitch. See, I'm behaving myself and trying not to deviate...lol.
For the constrasting band, I may go with a solid grey... time will tell. I'm so looking forward to the KAL, its my first and once this project is said and done, hopefully, I will move on to another one. I'm sure along the way there will be that feeling of - will I ever be done, so I will work on a few hats in between.
So, does everyone have their project & materials ready to go....?


Virtuous said…
Whew! Just in the nick of time you got you a project! ;op (it would have been okay if you didn't).

Great colors for that pattern. Now what does DBL stand for? "Dear.....Brother...In Law??" Ooh! I think I got it! Haha!
How sweet!! Great yarn too!

I have had my yarn and everything for months. Just a mattter of "when" I will get started which will more than likely be Monday! ;op
Cas... said…
Great project! I can't wait to see it Monday! LOL! I know you will finish it quickly.

I do have my materials and I am ready to go on my chenille cowl. I am quite excited. I will start it today while I am getting my hair done.

Wish me luck and I will do the same for you!
Sheila said…
After last nite I had to do some ripping out.

@Virtuous - you got it.. all he wants in return is 2 hats... which is so doable... lol.

@Cassandra - Ooooh I doubt I'll be finish by Monday... but then again I have Monday off... anything is possible...lol. Actually, I should be able to get a bit done since I'm going to the hair salon Monday.

Wishing You Luck.
Deb-VA said…
Absolutely love the yarn!