Hello All,

How was every one's weekend? What did you all do... anything good?

Last Friday nite I went through my sewing reference books to prepare myself for my next sewing venture as well as reviewing the Palmer/Pletsch DvDs.
I decided it was time to pull out this gorgeous fabric that I'd purchased, which is a Stretch Microfiber in a ginger color (50% Cotton 47% Polyester 3% Lycra) and pegged New Look 6516 for it.

On Saturday I spent the better part of the day working on it, cutting, interfacing, marking and baste stitching. While doing all of that I listened to Marta (Palmer/Pletsch) talk about her Perfect Fuse Interfacing and will put in an order for it because the interfacing I used puckered. Check me out... Martha, like I know her personally....haha!

Although, I've sewn a jacket before, New Look 6516 is constructed differently in that it has side front & side back panels, which had me scratching my head. I was clueless in that the pattern pieces did not appear to align with the front panel nor the back panel. I had to refer to Threads Jackets, Coats and Suits book for help and eventually realized that the side back and side front panels require easing....Sheesh. I'm noticing that easing plays a major part in sewing....lol.
The pattern calls for a lining and initially decided I wouldn't, but after checking out several of my suits and jackets and swooned over how polished it made the garment, I went ahead and cut & marked the lining fabric. I popped in Jackets for Real People DvD, which shows how to bag a Lining, can I say it had me shaking in my boots. The assembling part I grasped, but when she goes into putting the lining in the jacket... my brain went into freeze mode....uggh!

Sunday I assembled the collar and eased it on to the neck line.. there goes that easing again...lol. But I made a boo-boo. I ended up with the under collar on top of the upper collar... sheesh.

Sewing garments is a mental challenge and realizing each pattern takes me through a new learning curve. Well, I'm off to numb my brain on additional tips and tricks for bagging a lining.


Adrienne said…
Girl don't even get me started on jackets lol I couldn't set my sleeves! LOL
Lashell said…
The jacket looks like it is coming along nicely. What color is the lining going to be?
Tany said…
You are doing fine so far! Just keep up the good work!
Knitaholictoo said…
Looks very well made! If there is no topstitch on the collar, I usually do a understitch (1/8" away from seam) on the undercollar. It keeps the collar flat on the outer edge and it keeps me from sewing the under collar on top...just a suggestion. Love the color.
Sheila said…
Thanks for stopping by.

@ Lashell - the lining is a tan/white stripe (97% Cotton 3% Lycra). The jacket is very light and thought instead of using a lightweight fabric, this fabric would add some substance to it.

@ Knitaholictoo - Thanks for the suggestion, I can use all the help I can get.
Mary Sarah said…
It's looking great! Love the fabric! I think I'm going to invest in those DVDs!
Cas... said…
Nice jacket! I can't wait to see the results! Hang in there!
It is really interesting to watch you have these sewing experiences...its like seeing things through fresh eyes! You will get the hang of it...just keep going!
Pam said…
Love the ginger color, your sewing adventures are inspiring!