New Look 6516 Revisited

I finally wore my Jacket (New Look 6516). I fiddled around trying on various tops and just couldn't settle on any one of them. I decided that since I had some of the fabric I used for the lining leftover why not use that. ;0
For the tank top I used New Look 6628, which is out of print or rather its been replaced with Misses Knit jacket, top and skirt. This pattern consist of a wrap skirt, short-sleeve top, sleeveless top, mid length skirt and tank top. It was a quick sew.

Let me say if felt so good to wear my couture sewn garments. Famous words of Carolyn - I just luv those
Also, Carolyn gave me food for thought... when she posted that she makes 90% of what she wears. I looked at the several items I'd just purchased from the Loft and decided, I want to make 90% of my clothes too and will be returning those items... as of tomorrow!! Now that money I spent on jackets, wrap dress, slacks and belts (well.. I'll keep the I could use for purchasing fabric. Thanks Carolyn for Inspiring Me.
Now off to begin creating my spring fling


Lashell said…
I've decided the same thing. I am going to start sewing all my clothing so all I have to buy is shoes and undies.lololololol. If I do purchase it has to be a to die for piece.
Mary Sarah said…
Your new tank is another great idea for wearing with jackets! It looks really nice! I'd love to sew more clothing. This inspiration is a good thing!
I feel like saying, "ah shucks, it was nothing 'mam!" LOL but I won't! Love that you used the same fabric for the tank as the lining...I love that look!
Faye Lewis said…
oh man I'd love to be you!!! I'd love to make all my clothes what money I'd save and what treasures they'd be!!

I had no idea you lived in LI!!!! Small, small world!!!

The idea of becoming a 51st state is just that...merely an idea...I don't believe it will ever happen but I would love it if it did!! How cool would that be!

Oh and I love Ann Taylor Loft!!
Cas... said…
Sewing all my own clothes would be a lofty ambition for me. But I know you can do it! You are amazing!